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  • Tydeocean ·
    Hello Sfair,
    I have been having issues with my 08 VN900 the last couple weeks, through testing I found a load of problems including my fuel pump and stator but after replacing these parts I am still having an issue. Here is a link to the thread I have been discussing in. I hope I can fix this issue before Oct. 12 for I was going to take her out on a 4 hour ride.
    [email protected] ·
    Hi Sfair,

    I read an answer you gave on a post from last year and I was wondering if you could help me with an issue I'm having with my 2015 VN 900. The bike sometimes does not start. I open the switch and it lights up but when I push the Start button it tries to start, a click is heard and it dies completely. Even the clock gets reset as if the battery was disconnected. I open and close the switch until it ligshts up again and starts.

    1. How many miles on it? 21k Miles

    2. How long have you owned? 4 years

    3. When it quits, any sputtering or it is just like you turned the key off? It's like I the battery gets disconnected

    4. Does the FI light come on when it stops? No. The bike dies

    5. Does it start right up, or? I have to open and close the switch a few times until energy comes back.

    6. Any other issues, no matter how unrelated?No sir. When it starts it runs normally.

    I appreciate any help you can give me on this issue.


    Hector Hernandez
    Shane Maslanka ·
    Hello sfair,
    I'm wondering if you might be able to help me diagnose a problem with my 06 kawa VN900. I suspect it's the fuel pump, but rather than "throw parts at a problem", which I know you are not an advocate of, I would like to systematically trouble shoot potential problems. I've never really used a meter before, and I'm wondering if you could help me check the relays?

    Thank you,
    Talk2matt ·
    Hey Sfair, I posted about an electrical problem in the 1500 forum about my 2007 1500 classic that wont crank. I've read a bunch of your trouble shooting posts and they are awesome. Any way I could enlist your help to walk through to find my problem? Bike has power, brand new battery, charged and holds power when I draw on it. I can get the starter to fire by jumping the starter solonoid but cant figure out what the heck I'm missing on power through the switches. I'm no mechanic, but I'm able to follow direction of somebody who knows where to look. Thanks
    cruzin ·
    sfair, I wanted to say hello again. You helped me a few years back with my first vulcan 1500 and I wanted to thank you for your help. I find your replies to myself and others very precise and helpful. You told me back when I was working on my 02 carbed classic that I should have got a FI model. Well last week I picked me up a FI. Now I have the best of both worlds. See you around. thanks again.
    wporter ·

    Would you care to give me advice again, please? You did once before some time back and it was 100% - I'd like to get your take on another issue on another, almost identical bike. The 2008 Nomad 1600 I've ridden for the past ~8k miles spit out almost, if not all coolant through the overflow hose while idling the other day. I read up on how to refill and bleed the system and then did just that tonight. The fan does come on for short periods while it idled in my shop but nothing like I remember it running before. It also dribbled and would have emptied the system through the overflow hose again had I let it. No over-temp light comes on except during key-on and starting, etc. My reading up on the symptoms have now left me wondering where to start spending money and turning wrenches. Any thoughts you would like to share will be much appreciated.

    I will post as a new thread in the 1600 Forum.

    Thank you,

    JohnWathey ·
    Hello sir,

    I've noticed by reading on here you are "The MAN". I'm hoping I can get some expertise from you on my Vulcan. I too agree throwing parts at something will usually leave you broke before the problem is solved. Anyhow, I have a 2005 Vulcan 1500 classic. 7000 miles. Having fuel pump issues. No longer humming for 3 seconds when I turn the key on. Any input you might have would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.

    Cambertire11 ·
    Hi, John here and I am new. NO IDEA how to start a thread?!?!? I am hoping you can help me fig it out??? I have a 2005 Vulcan 1500 fi and the positive battery cable rubbed against the frame on my 1st ride (got it used) it WAS running great then on my way home started flickering (electronics) and cutting out (engine) then died and no restarting SO I found the pos cable touching the frame under the seat (ugg) and the 15 amp fuse under the seat was blown.... Replaced the fuse and it blows right away when I try to restart.....
    checked all other fuses and none are blown. ANY ideas????
    I want to start a thread but no idea how to either
    Thanks and I look forward to your help
    Dblietz ·
    I have an 01 1500 if with throttle body, completely repainted bike ran fine prior to tear down and now won't idle any ideas where to start?
    danchoi1234 ·
    làm dat in hoa don gtgt g
    -hoc ke toan tai long bien
    - hoc ke toan tai cau giay
    mức bảo dịch vụ làm báo cáo tài chính tại cầu giấy
    lớp Việc làm thêm cho sinh viên kế toán ở đâu
    -hoc ke toan o ha dong
    ý tại công ty kế toán hà nội
    dạy hoc ke toan thuc te tốt nhất?
    tính thuế thu nhập cá nhân
    Wasatch ·
    Hey, just swapped out a bad stator on my 2008 900 Custom. Three coils on it were fried chicken. I've gone through the tests in the 900 stator thread, and after installing the new stator I get no short to ground, meter reads infinite on all three white wires at the reg/rec harness connection, so I think I'm good there. Meter is a Craftsman auto ranging multimeter 82139.

    I tested the reg/rec, got these readings.

    Black probe to black wire: red probe to w1, w2, w3 = infinite

    Red probe to black wire: black probe to w1, w2, w3 = 5.37, 5.44, 5.39 m/ohms

    Red probe to red wire: black probe to w1, w2, w3 = infinite

    Black probe to red wire: red probe to w1, w2, w3 = 5.23, 5.32, 5.37 m/ohms.

    Just wanting to make double sure my reg/rec is good to go before I start up the bike. If you can let me know if these numbers are good. Thanks for all your knowledge here on the forums!
    Bluemeanie ·
    Kind sir, if you have time, could you take a look at my thread in the 1700 section titled pulley noise or something else.
    I would greatly value your thoughts on this problem.
    weldpro ·
    Can you please help me ? I have a 99 Vulcan 750 that I put a new starter clutch in last fall. The bike has been sitting so the battery was dead. I went and installed a new battery and tested it with my volt meter and it has 12.8 volts . When I turn on the ignition , I have no headlight and when I press the start button my voltage at the starter is 4.0 volts . All I get is the dreadful click. I going crazy here.
    SOMDrider ·
    Rosster ·
    Your knowledge is quite impressive!
    I'm new to this forum, and I'm still trying to figure out how it all works. However, I was curious if you could tell me the symptoms of a bad Ignitor?
    chromedome195 ·
    I am thinking for I have to get the starter to crank. Then try to start it and get it to idle. If I am able to do that--then check the plug and the wire.
    Your knowledge and advice is legendary. So, I turn to you for advice. Please understand I have no garage and no shed. Each week I have 2 possible days to work on this and only if it does not rain either day.
    Thanks in advance for your efforts.
    chromedome195 ·
    Now that would explain the bogging and surging! (Now I'm thinking maybe all along it was just a spark plug wire or a spark plug) So, I leave it for its long winter sleep. I go to pick it up a week ago and it would crank but not idle at all. We wore down the battery and at the end the starter button would just produce a buzz. OK...figured we wore down the battery to nothing. Left it there for another week. Bought a new battery. Today I go back up there, install the new battery....still all I get from the starter button is a buzz. I think OK maybe the starter somehow got stuck. Tried to unstick it by moving and jolting the bike a bit, with no success. Called AMA and had it towed to my house. There it sits outside under its bike cover. And of course it is raining.
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