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  • scorpionsix ·
    Thanks for the tracking number Scott. I'm looking forward to ease of operation. The radio is the only weak link on this bike in my opinion.
    TB2000 ·
    Hi Scott,

    Thanks for the reply. I finally figured out that your response to my inquire would be located in your public profile page and not mine..duh! Sorry about the long delay.

    I appreciate the time and effort you put into your review. I'm a hard core fan of Kawasaki and I think Japanese engineering is among the best. Right now isn't a good time for me to spend any money, however. I 'll keep an eye to the classifieds throughout the winter months.

    Yes, Tomcat was right on the money when he said the Rocket will ruin you to other bikes!

    Scott_in_TX ·
    The stereo head is good but the speakers wore out fast and needed to be upgraded. Some people have trouble with radio reception.

    The steering stem bearings are ball bearing and in a plastic cage. A lot of people have found them to be nearly dry from the factory.
    Several owners have complained about head shake. My bike was steady as you could ask unless I took my hands off the bars then it would want to wobble.

    The fuel injection is a throttle by wire system and there is a little lag. A lot of people use RacNRays throttle mod.
    I don't think the lag was that big of a deal though.

    Build quality is Japanese.
    Paint could be better, Plastic could be thicker; but 100,000 miles with minimum maintenance should be easy to hit.

    Most of what I’ve written about is the problems; but what bike is perfect?
    I’ve put about 36k miles on mine and still think it’s a great bike.
    That being said…I’ve got a cruiser in the Rocket; so I’m thinking about trading the VV in for a sport tourer.
    Scott_in_TX ·
    Hey TB,

    The site says this it too long; so I'll have to send it in two messages.

    I really enjoyed the Vision when I rode it too; and yeah it's damned ugly.

    In 2012 they added the KAMS; Kawasaki Air Management System. A lot of owners of pre KAMS bikes really complained of heat. I would look into that before picking up a 10'.
    I do think you can install the KAMS yourself for around $600.

    The power is as good as any V-twin full dresser.
    After the R3; it now feels very sluggish. Tomcat's right "the Rocket will ruin you to other bikes".

    The OEM seat was reasonably comfortable; but U shaped. After a while it would start smashing the family jewels.
    I've got a Corbin now and besides being a bit hard; it's shape is great.
    I had to put risers on after the Corbin.
    The bars now touch the fairing lightly when at full stop left or right.
    But boards to seat to bars is something that you'll have to sit on to see if it's right for you.
    TB2000 ·
    Hello Scott,

    I'm looking at possibly picking up a second bike, (not parting with my Triumph Rocket) one I can use for cross country excursions. Test rode a couple Vics on Monday, really liked the feel and comfort of the Victory Vision even if it is an ugly bastard.

    Anyhow, was wondering how comfy is the Voyager? What are its strengths as well as weaknesses? Looking at the 2010 model year just because I love the Black/Red color scheme. Appre4ciate whatever feedback/advice you have.

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