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  • kingcar ·
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    kingcar ·
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    kingcar ·
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    kingcar ·
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    danchoi1234 ·
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    scotmond ·
    I'm trying to do a similar thing, using BT to my helmet. I wanted to use the rear speaker connectors, but there's no common, so I don't know if that'll work. Did you ever get the PIN-OUT for the larger connector?
    VulcanDan61 ·
    Dear Romans5.8,

    I've learned a ton reading your very thoughtful posts.

    I'm likely to upgrade by 9 in maybe two years. Adding pulleys first, and I might change my mind about upgrading, but maybe not. If I could take my 9 and add a bigger engine right now at low cost, I'd do it. Simple. I'd be very happy. Given that, and given your knowledge of the Kawi line, do you have any suggestons about where I might look for an upgrade? A 2000? Seems like overkill. A Nomad?

    Richard S ·
    I enjoy your posts. And it is good to see your Christian witness.
    Can you give me some guidance for posting pictures on the site. I do not want to open an account like photobucket or one of those webbased albums, just post from my computer picture files. I want to post my 900 with Tow Pac trike kit.
    lyndee ·
    Sept. 2012 I posted my Vulcan 900 Custom making a howling noise.You sad sounded like the stator. 9-24-2012 took it to a shop that is what they found.They replaced it. Did not ride till July 2013. Had oil leak at the shift shaft seal. Thought it had to do with stator work. They said no so replace the seal. Replaced it 4 times. said the shaft needed replaced because of wear. Late in the year so parked it. Leaked all winter. On Mar. 1,2014 a friend looked at it for second opinion. Found from the seal out on shaft were cuts. Replaced the shaft. Wondering when other shop had it apart for stator would that have caused the seal to leak? They said no. Said they did not put marks on the shaft. Am thinking when he took the linkage off the shaft 4 times if he damaged it. Were only ones to do repairs on that part of bike. When they did stator would they have had to disconnect the linkage from the shaft to cause it to leak? Trying to get answers . Let me know. Thank you . Lyndee
    GGB6259 ·
    admi person.. Can I change from Kylebert to GGB6259 .. Kyle bert was set up long time ago when my son, Kyle, had a bunch of 900LT parts to sell... thx
    Cypher13 ·
    Please help. I cannot post a new thread for some reason and I need help with my bike. I have a 1995 classic 88 Vulcan 1500 cc. I have had it for 7 years so far and not had much trouble with it besides a stuck float valve a few years ago. Anyways when I am riding in first gear all seems fine shift to second its continues to be fine until I throttle it up. If I get on it, it will hesitate for about 10 seconds and only accelerate a little bit. Then all of a sudden it will take off like it is supposed to. Almost as if it has a power band like sport bikes. I just finished taking a few parts off and looking into the carb and it looks fine or I have not got deep enough into the carb to see the problem. I need to fix it by Friday cause I have a trip I'm taking on it. Please help me or forward this to someone you may know that could help. Please I am desperate to have my bike back up and running. Tk you for taking the time to read this. Charles Davis. Email is cnkdavis @ gmail. Com
    tthoro13 ·

    I recently purchase 7" risers for my 2008 Vulcan 1500(2008). My issue is that I need some sort of post adapters to put these things on. Any thing you can offer is greatly appreciated, my back needs a break from leaning forward
    doubleddino ·
    Greetings! I just saw on one of your posts concerning the Stators on the 900 that your wife has a 2011 Honda Shadow 750, and is a Happy New Rider.....My wife just purchased a 2009 Honda Shadow Aero 750 as well, only 3 weeks ago. She is learning how to ride, and will take the MSF class later this month and get her motorcycle endorsemrnt! Just sharing.....
    Manny1 ·
    Hey brother!History:Got a 2000 vn800 classic w/14K mi. Shortly after, I had the oil & oil filter replaced, joints and lines lubed and bolts tightened. I bought it 6 months ago n put 1k mi on it.It's been great to me.

    Problem:It was +/-90 degrees out.My wife and I were riding 30min on the highway when the bike started to buck a tad.Short quick speed declines from 70mph to 65 mph.It happened 3 times within 2min.I accelerated back up to 70mph and a min later it shut off! I attempted to start it a few times,but it didn't start. I parked under an overpass.We waited less than a minute,and it fired right up.It sounded better than ever.We rode it home,started to buck just a tad like earlier,but didn't shut off.Got home,noticed a drop of what looked and felt like oil at the bottom of a 1/4" hose between the cylinders.That same hose leads to the small oil vapor condesation bottle that sits at the front of the motor.Do u have ne idea what it could be?Please help, it's been a week!
    Lexwrestler ·
    Hi I would like to know how to post on the forums. I have this problem with my bike and I wanted to see if other people had this problem and how to fix it. I am a free user.
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