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  • Nmorace ·
    I just purchased a vaquero 2011. I am doing what Kawasaki recommends and not going over 2500rpm. I now have 500 miles on it. If I give it gas to go it sounds like it is back firing into the air box or an exhaust leak. It does not have the power I thought it would. What do you think? Nate
    dbark ·
    Mind if I ask how tall you are? I read your posts about your 9" screen and that's the one I'm considering. I'm 5'9" and would like a little less wind to the head and to be able to hear the stereo at speed. Thanks for your help, Dave
    Roadie ·
    I do not have a head on pic of it, but I tried a taller one off one of my buddies bikes and did not like it, the 9" was just perfect, block most of the wind and no buffeting with our half helmets and just a little to keep a little cooler these hot days.
    azvaquero ·
    I read that you have a Cee Baileys windshield on your Vaq. I'm looking at one thats a little taller (9"). Do you have a pic of your ride?
    Bison Mike ·
    Hey Roadie" I think I met you at Ace one day. I ride a 1700 classic Lt and am also a Vietnam Vet. I live out off Carney Lane and as soon as I finish a large landscape job at my house maybe we can get together and ride. Bison Mike wimberley
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