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  • Richard Kerr ·
    Hey Mike, yeah I have put a few miles on her. The only thing I have done, was went with the 200 Metzler on the rear, works like the overdrive pulley to drop the rpm's a bit. I have run at 75+ for a couple hours at a time all day long, the bike loves it. Alot of guys complain about the high revs, but I don't feel like it revs high. And 50 mpg running like that aint too bad either. I'm not one to feel like the bike needs to be modified to max horse power, it has plenty for me now and is very good for touring too.
    Don't know if there is a Gary somewhere in the family tree.
    mdsimon80 ·
    It looks like you have put quite a few miles on your 900. Myself new to street, & hyway type motorcycling. My question is can the Vulcan 900 without belt pulley modifications do the job. My experiences with non OEM parts has been poor. I just wanted to ask someone who has experience.
    There used to be a newscaster in Omaha named Gary Kerr.
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