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  • yanzerox ·
    Hello ,

    I have a 2014 kawasaki vaquero I am interested in your Throttle mod . All is OEM except for Exhaust vances & hines & k&n filter.
    nicholsm4 ·
    Hi - I have a 2016 Kawasaki Vaquero - I was searching for info on changing my grips and read about your mods. Can you send me the price for grips and info on how to order. I am looking at various options to include Kuryakyn 6235 ISO grips or Oxford Heaterz Premium Cruiser heated grips. I can't pm yet so would appreciate if you can message me - Thanks!
    irving ·
    Hi Racnray I am new to the forum and I was reading on your Throttle mod but still do not know what it is and what it does, I have the jerking on the throttle on my Vulcan 1700 abs 2015 , it have the K&N filter, the PC5 and the cobra 3oval, do you think that mod can help?other wise it works great, my email is [email protected] I live in Tennessee, I use to live in south florida in Miami
    thank you
    Lenwoj ·
    Hi Racnray, I am interested in your Throttle mod for my 2014 Nomad 1700. All is OEM except for the Ivan’s ECU. Please send some info.


    ocezam ·
    I just bought a 2011 Vaquero. Could you please tell me how to go about having you modify the throttle?
    togojeff ·
    Could you send me some info for your throttle mod? I have
    a 2014 1700 Nomad and the jerky throttle at low speeds is
    driving me crazy!

    nascarguy67 ·
    What is the throttle mod and where can I look for your infomation on it. I do believe I would like to try it on my 2010 Voyager 1700, please
    big paw ·
    Hi Ray I just sent you an email to order 2 sets of throttle mods. My friend with the 2014 1700 Vulcan says his handlebars are actually 1 1/2 inch like mine.
    big paw ·
    Hi Ray, I would like to order a throttle mod fix for my bike and also a friends if you still sell these? I have a 2012 Vaquero which is the 1 1/4 inch bars I believe. My friend has the 2014 1700 Vulcan which I believe has 1 inch bars. (hopefully you can verify those) Both of us would like the Chrome grips with the black rubber parts on the handles.

    My name is Rob Cochrane and my address is
    92 Lownie Crt
    Bowmanville, ON
    L1C 5E1

    Please let me know how I can pay for these.
    We are planning a long ride on the East Coast of Canada upcoming in 4 weeks. Hopefully we can receive them in time to install them for the ride.

    Thank you for your time and consideration into this matter and I am looking forward to hearing from you in the near future.

    phatlocreal0 ·
    Bạn muốn biết thêm thông tin cho thue can ho dich vu duong dien bien phu quận 1 này ??

    - Căn hộ được thiết kế diện tích từ 50m2 đến 60m2 loại 1 phòng ngủ, có bếp . Căn phòng được lót sàn gỗ, trang bị đầy đủ nội thất, bố trí hợp lý tạo không gian can ho cho thue the manor trong lành, yên tĩnh. Toàn bộ căn hộ có sàn lót gỗ và được trang bị máy điều hòa luôn mang lại cho quý khách không gian sống dễ chịu và thoáng mát.

    - Các nội thất tại can ho dich vu quan tan binh thạnh bao gồm : Ghế sofa, bàn làm việc, kệ tivi bằng gỗ, tivi ( được lắp truyền hình cáp), bàn làm việc, tủ lạnh, lò nướng, giường ngủ, tủ âm tường…
    KarateMoto ·
    Hey Racnray,
    Just a quick note from Red Deer, Alberta. A few years ago I did your throttle mod on a '09 Classic 1700, and it, along with an EJK really woke up the bike. I sold it last February (2015) and bought a Raider 1900. Loved that bike, but grew tired of wind and no 6th gear. I bought two windshields for it with the second one making a huge difference, but too late and sold it. Last year I got a 2013 Vaquero in the flat black color, and have been doing mods. (Yes, that means 3 bikes in one year . . it's a sickness) Big 3 with PCV as recommended by you, 21" front wheel, Roaring Toys mini Apes, sythe style mirrors, Alpine Amp, Polk speakers, etc. When I opened the saddlebags after purchasing the bike, I noticed a set of grips still in the package. Upon closer inspection I realized that they were a set of yours with the throttle mod! The previous owner never put them on! But I did straight away! I'd never own a Vulcan without your ingenuity.

    Happy motoring,

    PhilWA ·
    Recently upgraded from vn1600 classic to vn1700 Nomad 2010 and am interested in your throttle mod please. I live in Perth Western Australia.
    How much for you to do the mod if I sent ISO grips to you? How much for pre modded ISO or other grips in stock? Do you sell other accessories such as longhorn offset highway pegs?
    Would appreciate any info you could send me.
    danchoi123 ·
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    Dougathon ·
    I just bought a 2014 Nomad. The throttle response is poor and I am interested in your upgrade . Can you provide information on how I can purchase and install it? I live in New York. My email is [email protected] Thank You ... Ron
    Kickstand ·
    Hi Ray

    do you still have the throttle mod for the voyager, if yes do you ship them to Canada? If yes how much is the mod?

    Thank you
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