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  • Midnite ·
    hello, Im looking at a 2005 kawi. 1600 classic. they say the enging doesnt run (16k miles) im wondering if it could be the oil pump? thank you.
    JS60 ·
    Found your post "Loud Pipes" from April of 2011.
    Asking permission to share this.
    OAT MAN ·
    No Problem.. I have changed it so many times.. It is on 6 now. I honestly don't know what it should feel like. I have a mustang seat and it seems fine. I may even try 7 this weekend and work my way down till I think I like it.. Stay tuned!
    OAT MAN ·
    Hey, how was the ride on the 900 one up with it set on 4. Heck, I'm going to change it now for my ride tomorrow AM. But please still respond when you get around to it.. RIDE!
    gary wright ·
    Sorry about the delay, I just realized I had a message. I took some pics with my phone, but the bike is in the garage, and its hard to see the sheild in that light. Outside pics are always better. Hope I'm not too late to help you. I will try to get some pics taken in the morning before work and get them to you. I will try to get a couple of these to you tonight.
    I have a 900C and am getting ready to replace the tires. I most likley will go with the ME880's and bump the sizes from stock to what you have 200/70-15 rear and 90/90-21 front. That 80/90-21 front tire is a joke. The rear seems to pose no real problem with width or overall tire diameter, but I've read in a few places that some folks have had front fender rubbing issues going with the 90/90. I seem to have about a half inch clearance between the tire and fender front lip and over 3/4 inch at the rear lip. I could probably loosen all the screws and even the gap out. Did you have any issue with the 90/90 front and did a dealer put them on? Metz also makes a MH90-21 which has an actual 87mm section width as opposed to the stock 80mm and 92mm of the 90/90. I'd hate to buy both the MH90 and 90/90 to try it out, may be difficult returning the one I don't use. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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