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  • txcb4b ·
    Hello, I saw your bike on here, and I have the same bike, the same color as well, thought that was cool, but the image you have for your profile pic of the eagle and flag is the same patch I have on the back of my vest!!! I guess great minds think alike lol.
    sjvalleydave ·
    Coalinga has some great riding areas...Been up Los Gatos Canyon road, love Highway 198, been over the Parkfield/Coalinga grade, etc...What do you ride?
    Old Bike Guy ·
    Actually I was asking for the info also. I got it, but it was faxed to me and the copies are terrible. I threw them away. I doubt that they would have faxed a 2nd time. Sorry.
    2koldrider ·
    Hello Old Bike Guy, This is 2koldrider I was just droping a line to say Hi. I was reading that you might still have the debaffle inof. If you do could you email me at ([email protected]). Motown has not been back online, Thanks!!!!!!
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