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  • Ezrider ·
    Thanks for photo tip. It was so frustrating to me. This is a great forum and I've learned a lot about the Vulcan 900 here.
    DorsetNaga ·
    How do I delete my account? Perhaps you can do it for me? Thanks
    sfair ·
    I have to say that you and partners are doing a great job on this site. The easy going nature of the members, the friendliness, etc is top notch.
    I am a member of the "other forum" too, but it has been in decline for a while and some of the regular posters have a bad case of "acid reflux" which just does not sit well with me anymore.
    Forum culture...I cannot explain it, but good here, not so much over there.
    Keep up the good work!
    Keir333 ·
    Hi MN-Nomad

    I just recently bought a '97 Vulcan 1500L from someone in Fairmont MN. I currently live in Mankato MN. I got the bike for only $500.00 knowing that it needed work done. I was fortunate enough to find this wonderful forum, and with the helpful posts I have read(a lot of them by sfair) I have been able to determine that the starter solenoid, and the junction box are both bad. I have a new solenoid ordered and on it's way to my house. I have a question about the junction box though. I found a junction box for a '05 Vulcan Mean Streak 1600 on eBay for about $27.00 shipped. Is there major differences in junction boxes for different years?...is the '05 junction box something I would be able to use on my bike? My concern is that my '97 Vulcan is a carbuerated 1500, while the '05 Vulcan Mean Streak is a fuel injected 1600. Any help you could provide to a fellow Minnesotan would be greatly appreciated.

    [email protected]
    chalomalo ·
    Hi Nomad, did you have to re-route any cables in order to to install your 4" risers?
    I have a vn 900 classic LT 2009. Thanks.

    Ric Childers ·
    Saw you video and it was great. Just got back from hardware store and I'm gonna try
    the procedure soon. Sure hope it is as easy as you made it look.
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