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  • Greg_C ·
    Hi MN-Rider... I'm getting pretty frustrated posting on this forum as recently for every 2-3 successful posts on my bike project I have the next the crashes, I get kicked off or something, and I have to log in again having lost my last post...

    I use an iPad for all my posts...


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    jacob 51 ·
    Hi guy`s i have a power commender 5 on my kawa vulcan 1700 2009, i dowload the site for it to try find a map, but i can find any map for this bike,i have cobra muffler and a air filter modify , am not sure what is the brand of the air filter but it as a sword on it. When i slow down it make big backfire and when i give gaz it do not take it,but that only occurs a few time , if somone can give me ideas how to fix it that will be very nice. I just bought this bike in April,


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    00mikey00 ·
    hi i was a member here many years ago, i have a bunch of 2004 800a aftermarket parts as well as access to a parts bike for sale was interested in listing on here if possable ,thanks mike

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    MidIAVoyager ·
    Forum question: anyway to change ones handle without starting over wanting to Change from MidIA900lt to MidIAVoyager

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    bulldogparts ·
    Hello. I just joined the forum last night, and made my first post in the introduction section like instructed. I don't see it even in my profile. Do I need to re-do it, or just wait a little longer for approval? Thanks, Randy

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    _Brian_ ·
    Looking into the 10 in recurve shield and curious your thoughts on it? Any chance you could send a few pics of it from different angles? Thanks!

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    tony13nj ·
    Hey, I cannot post for some reason. I signed up and activated my account via the email, yet still am unable to make any posts. Please advise, thanks!
    DavidE ·
    Hello from Fresno (no jokes!) I am not able to post to the VN2000 forum. I started a new thread in the members section and could really use some help with my problem from fellow V2K Owners. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!!

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    pommyjon ·
    Hiya Jon here from Australia 96 vn classic, would dearly love to post but only get ...........pommyjon, you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons:
    Your user account may not have sufficient privileges to access this page. Are you trying to edit someone else's post, access administrative features or some other privileged system?
    If you are trying to post, the administrator may have disabled your account, or it may be awaiting activation.

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    ridgeman06 ·
    Hi, are we allowed to post critiques about vendors? I am going thru a tough experience with one right now, and I feel the need to comment so that others can be better informed as to who they may want to do business with.
    Thanks, Eric

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    sansfaute ·
    Has he passed on or just stopped riding because of the accident? Please sort it out

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    tdogyou ·
    Hi, I wanted to list an item for sale but when I try to post it is telling me I do not have permission to access that page. Can you help me please?

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    reddyford ·
    MN, found this strange that I received this E-Mail about a Post (Reply) to a thread but the thread doesn't show it exits?? Doug

    Date: Tuesday, January 21, 2014 9:37 AM
    From: Kawasaki Vulcan Forum : Vulcan Forums <[email protected]>
    To: [email protected]
    Subject: Reply to thread 'Air Cleaner Help'
    Dear reddyford,

    gdaddy has just replied to a thread you have subscribed to entitled - Air
    Cleaner Help - in the General Vulcan Talk forum of Kawasaki Vulcan Forum :
    Vulcan Forums.

    This thread is located at:

    Here is the message that has just been posted:
    Thank you for the Info and the Links that has the great write up and pics to go
    along with it. I will try to post pics after I get mine done.

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    okbye1 ·
    your bike has a real classic look. How did you mount your bags, I have a 1600 classic, my bag mounts hang from the fender struts and shake a lot. yours look like nomad bags.
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