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  • jagered ·
    gaskets, no - it's tight enough and i snug it a bit more so the rubber seals good enuff as far as i am concerned.

    oil, no - now that there is no "suction" from it being attached to the air cleaner, you should never see any oil there.

    just drill and tap a hole in the center of the plate for the stud. use a nut to keep it tight and also loc-tite or super glue to hold it in good... then grind/sand down the back so it is smooth.

    good luck! my next mod will be to add a heavy clear plastic cover with LED's inside :)
    SaskVulcan ·
    Greeting from Saskatchewan Canada.. getting ready to make my own aircleaner.. couple of questions. 1- Did you put any gasket(s) between the throttlebody and your aircleaner? 2- Have you noticed any oil in your crakcase filter? 3- How did you attach the aircleaner cover stud to the back backing plate? Any input would be appreciated..
    jagered ·
    they are the small bullets from kuryakyn and then you have to get the fork adapter to mount them... think it's 41mm, i'd ask about how they "say" to mount them because i had to modify the bolt... that may be because i boughtn the wrong clamp but not sure?!? there are TWO, one with a hole for wires and one without... i bought the wrong one and had to drill a hole!? but they are on!
    BRANDT025 ·
    Hey Jagered, where did u get and how did you mount thoes lights just above your front tire? thats a sweet look that i want. Thanks
    bhappy666 ·
    do you have a pic of the rear lights? i love what you have done with those turn signals... do you remeber the name of the k&n air kit and filter? thanks
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