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  • GGB6259 ·
    You still have the Ultimate seat set for Voyager? Looking for comment on it as I am looking to buy one...


    Poncho Villa ·
    yeah, dood.. anytime you put yor foot in the arena, somebody is gonna step on it. I think you read 'nuff my post to see it happen often.. sometimes/mostly you just got to let it roll off. or this place would decend into aramgedon in short order. the ones that are able to shrug it off and move on are the more,, here we go Wiser and mature members of society complete with our baggy shorts and frosty :beer:s. And I did offer just the one as am not responsible for you nodding off in the middle of conversation.. heck take a lil nap ever now an there.. does the soul good.. naps is a lil taste of heaven. been known to partake meself in the middle of somethin 'portent. ok, so evers you get south like,,theres a :beer: with yor name on it.. didn say it would be full, but its still yors. ponchout
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