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  • DVF ·
    Hi David is good to see you are still contributing to this forum. Did you get another VN1700. You have always been the go to fellow for PCV maps for this bike and I have a question for you did you ever see the decel pop fully disappear or really close and I have been putting off getting Ivan’s as I live in Canada and actually am really pleased with my 2016 Vaquero with Cobra Tri Ovals Chucksters BAK and. Booster Plug except for the decel pop. I have seen where I could pick up a PCV fairly inexpensively from someone who has switched to Ivan’s and wonder if it will be the way to go for a retired limited budget person. Thanks for your time response to this
    David Foster
    Joshuahumphreys ·
    Hello David I hope you are still around and have some maps. I have a 2016 Vaquero with true duel freedom performance and a straight eight intake from roaring toys
    wporter ·

    What model is/was the bike? What are you asking for the driver backrest and seat(s)? Is there any way to calculate shipping to 72941?

    Thank you,

    Lumber-jack ·

    I noticed your response to a member about PCV maps. Maybe you can help me out too? I have:
    V and Hine & Freedom 2 into 1 exhaust
    KN & Thunder BAK

    I have Ivan's ECU but I also have a spare OEM ECU and running PCV. I will be running PCV (dual map) with stock ECU when I go up north cause there is limited premium fuel. Do you have any maps for my exhaust and air kit combinations? I managed to find one off PC site that is close but that's it.

    Thanks mikE
    [email protected]
    Frixion88 ·
    Hello Mr. Sheek. My email is: [email protected]

    This is in reference to the 2014 Kawasaki Vaquero 1700
    Power Commander V
    Freedom Performance 2-to-1 pipes
    Kuryakyn Alley Cat Air Cleaner.

    Thank you sir.
    burke99764 ·
    Hey i was told to come find you for a map. i have a 2015 vaquero with freedom performance two into one exhaust and a drop in filter. do u have any maps that might work for me? im running power commander 5. my email is [email protected] thank you very much for any help.
    Bryan ·
    Hello David,
    I am new to this site and it looks like you are the person to talk to about map files.
    Last year I had added the V&H Twin Slash and the PCV 17-033 to my 2012 Voyager. I do not have the oxygen sensors though. Downloaded the 17-033-006 map file and it mostly ran okay. Some popping on decel especially in the heat. I noticed that the mileage isn't that great too. This spring I have added the K&N air filter. There was no change in regards to the popping.
    Unfortunately, there isn't a map file from the PC website. Do you happen to have one with this setup?

    Also, there is a shop in my area that I could put it on a dyno and modify my map, if that would be the best way to go.

    Thanks for your time.
    Erilflynn ·
    Enjoyed your YouTube video on the Billet Tips. Just got the same but am surprised how loud they are. What can I expect as they break in and did u do the marble mod? Thank you.
    Midge ·
    Hi David I have a 2014 1700 VV with cobra tri ovals PCV 17-006 and K/N filter if you can send me your map THANK YOU.
    jacob 51 ·
    Hi David, i have a kawa 1700 classic 2009 whit cobra slip-ons and thunder air kit, i can not found a maps for it, i try a couple maps and they all do back fire on decel, my friend told me it smell gaz when they follow me, can you help me .


    [email protected]
    RVanCamp33 ·
    Hello David, I just received my Power Commander and I was wonder if I could try out your map? I see a lot of positive hype about it and would like to give it a try. Thank You.
    Jarhead1992 ·
    Hey Dave, I'm a new member and I saw your thread and I know you get this a lot, but is it possible to get that map for the voyager everyone is raving about. I have a 2013 voyager with slip on's and a k&n filter, but I want to upgrade to an alley cat or a thunder kit.
    Junior6996 ·
    David just a short thank you for the map it is working great!
    Way less popping on decel from every time to maybe 4-5 times on 130 mile ride very big improvement I can't thank you enough for the head start :)
    Junior6996 ·
    Hello David
    I hate to ad myself to the "list" of people who have asked for a pcv map but I just ordered one with no idea what I'm doing (as usual) I have a 2011 vaquero with k&n open right side filter kit and v/h pro pipe just want something safe for my bike I ordered 17-033 w ignition if that makes any difference?
    email [email protected]
    Thanks in advance for any help :)
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