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  • Wild_Bill ·
    Go to the classifieds. Old Bike Guy is selling his 2006 for $6000 . Don't know if it's a Cal. model or not. Looks real nice with lot's of add on's.
    Coolpig59 ·
    ToeJam(?) Good to hear from you. Where in Houston are you? I'm in Humble, on the Northeast corner of town. Any time I can help with advice or direction I would be glad to.
    I put a Goodyear Triple Tred 205 X 65 X 16 on mine and I keep 35 pounds of air in it. I can drag the floorboards any time I want to. I got mine mounted at a shop on the other side of town but I'll bet we can find a place nearby.
    ToeJam ·
    Hey CP - I am in Houston also. Just got a 2010 Nomad and will go Dark in the future. I will need advise from a vet, like where to get it done, tire choice, etc. Also looking for riding partners. -Jim
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