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  • Natsdad ·
    Hey Bill,

    I read one of your posts, I have a 1500 mean streak that ticks like a bitch. You had a post up about that very problem. I'm not comfortable doing it myself, I love my bike and don't want to kill it but, I can't find someone to fix it. The ticking is making me nuts. There's a loss of power as well. This bike moves when I want it to but lately, it's just not there like it used to be. I'm thinking it will be cheaper to replace the engine but, no idea where I would even look for another engine for this bike.

    Any advice on doing it yourself. How did you know what you needed for parts, gaskets etc? I would hate to forget about something or not do something or whatever. I'm pretty mechanically inclined, I just never worked on a bike before and like I said, I don't want to kill it. Any advice on a good spot to get quality parts in Canada, or the US via shipping.


    Thanks again
    danchoi1234 ·
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    Rhyno ·
    Bill Brasky is a ten-foot-tall, two-ton son of a bitch who could eat a hammer and take a shotgun blast standing! :) :) I love the Bill Brasky tales from Saturday Night Live lol
    Toforo ·
    Bill - I'd LOVE to talk to you about that seat you have for sale.... WAY interested and I have a few questions - can we arrange to chat on the phone?
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