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  • Bandit101 ·
    Dan, I always have my piston on the rod and slide the cylinder down on to the piston. I do however use a ring
    compressor that has a removable handle. So once the rings are inside the cylinder, I remove the compressor handle and slide the compressor sleeve out thru the head bolts.
    diver dan ·
    Hi bandit,is there some kind of trick to sliding the piston in the cylinder? Compressed rings on bench,slid piston into cylinder,but have to pull back just enough to get wrist pin in,I guess the ring pops back out at that point,would think there would be a touch of extra room for that
    thewitz ·
    Hi Bandit101, I have a question in the Engine Works forum regarding a 1999 VN1500A transmission. Sfair suggested I contact you. Can you take a look at my post and make any recommendations? Thanks. The symptoms were: starting off in first gear, gently, I usually could get to the point of shifting to second gear without the bike lurching. Giving more throttle in first gear would almost guarantee the lurch condition. It is not jumping out of gear as far as I know. If the 3rd gear dogs slipped out of the 1st gear, then reengaged, i think it would give me that lurch condition. Like someone flipping the switch off, then on as fast as possible. The bench test, trying to engage 2nd gear is also a question in my post. Thanks again.
    danchoi123 ·
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