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The MotorBike
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Vehicle Name The MotorBike
Year 2010
Make Kawasaki
Model Vulcan 900 Classic LT
Color Red/Black
Packages Milk, Bread, Chipotle Burritos, Cigar Box Guitar, Cigar Box Amp, Pedals, Cords, Slide, Capo
2010 Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Classic LT
History After sustaining a crash that totalled my Shadow and nearly killing me...a dear Brother at church sold me this bike with only 6000 miles on it for the amount the insurance company settled with me for my bike. (You don't want to know the amount because my Shadow was an old 1986 VT700 and you might get mad.) I tried to talk sense to the dear man telling him that his bike was worth WAY MORE but he insisted. He and his wife bought it new in 2010 thinking that they were unable to get pregnant. A little while later...God pulled an "Abraham and Sarah Miracle" on them and 9 months later came Lil' Joe.

They were overwhelmed with joy...but that's the business God is in, for cryin' out loud.. last thing...when my dear Brother signed over the title to me he told me about his wife's great Aunt just passing. In this Aunt's will was an inheritance for this the amount of $14,000. They didn't know about this until AFTER they sold me the bike for so cheap...

How's that for a God Story, uh??
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