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Fuel / Mileage

I am sure that it may have been covered before but...
I have purchased a 2017 Voyager and love the bike. The only thing that is concerning is the readout says it is only getting 34.5 MPG. I currently only have 890 Miles on the bike so far. I have seen others boasting 38 to 43 MPG from theirs. Is mine an oddball or is it going to get better with more miles on the bike? Also I noted that once the bike gt to half and especially at 1/4 tank, it is like my gas is getting siphoned out of my tank. The gauge falls rapidly. Normal or no?

Thanks in Advance,
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Check the thread “gas gauge” for your answer.
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The sweet spot for mileage on mine is 55-65MPH. Anything over that and mileage starts dropping, and over 75 it drops fast. I can get 45mpg, with a lot of restraint and never going over 60mph BUT that's not what I ride for. Cold temps seem to keep the mpg's on the low side as well.
I'm averaging 40mpg.
I know the mileage increased as the motor wore in but don't recall when it leveled off.
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From what I understand, the mpg gets better after some break in (I bought my used). Several factors will affect gas mileage. As D-dub said, highway speed can have a huge affect. How hard you twist the throttle off highway does, too. Your weight plus luggage carried, the terrain you ride, etc. all will have some effect.

Yes, the gauge falls rapidly below a qtr. tank. The fuel height is measured with a float and the shape of the tank causes that rapid drop. I don't think Kawi did anything to accommodate for tank shape in the gauge readout. Also, going up and down hills will affect the fuel gauge due to the float rising and falling as the gas shifts due to the angle.

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Yeah, I read the "gas gauge" conversations already. Honestly, I guess I wanted reassurance that my MPG would improve from it's current status.
Thanks for the responses,
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Yeah I agree with Sabre-T it all depends on your style of ridding. I found on my 2016 1700 Voyager I average around 38 mpg after owning it 6months and 5k miles. Also the gauge showing your average will fluctuate as ride if you want a true average fill your tank reset your trip meter and when you refill your tank divide the miles ridden by the gallons used you will find the numbers a little different then what is on the average mpg gauge.

However this too can be deceiving because most (all) motor cycles speedometer are off anywhere from 3-10 mph from the factory. My bike speedometer was off 4 mph compared to the gps so my bike was showing 65 mph while my true speed according to the gps was 61 mph. The point is if the bikes speedometer is incorrect then your odometer is incorrect so your average mpg is incorrect.
Good news is they make things to recalibrate your speedometer I have the speedohealer V4 by Healtech it is plug and play now my speedometer is dead on.

Sorry to get off subject and ramble

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Some Voyager owners have experienced problems after installing the speedohealer.

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The odometer is more accurate than the speedometer. Mine has about a 3% speedometer error but only about a 1% odometer error. Even though they are related, the calibration is different.

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I have 6500 miles now on my 2016 bought new in January. Mileage was very poor at first but as it got broke in mileage improved a lot. I Ivanized at 2000 mile mark and using 5th and 6th gear OD with cruise on trips really helps with mileage management. Def true that up to 60-65 mph is a highway sweet spot.....falls off when speeds above that. On a 2000 mile trip in August I would get somewhere 42-45 mpg on average.

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Depends on so many things.

heavy/light throttle
flat country/mountain roads
gas quality
single or two riding
weight (luggage or empty)
how many miles (broke in or not already)

My milage is around 6 liters per 100kms which is ~ 39.2 mpg.

But I ride in germany with a lot stop and go, traffic lights always red with no turns on red, few to none interstate and a little highway riding, so . . . on some longer trips, the fuel consumption drops a bit, but got no better than 5.5 liters per 100kms ~ 42.7 mpg

Total bike milage is 10.000 mls with stock ECU, stock pipes with catalytic converter and oxy sensor (mandatory here with emission checks)

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