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Question 1700 Voyager ABS from 2010 - Interested in buying for 9,700 USD. Opinions please?

Hello folks,

I'm interested in buying a Vulcan 1700 Voyager ABS from 2010, and I'd appreciate your help with my purchasing decision.

The price in dollars is 9,700 US dollars. That's the lowest the dealer is willing to go. I'll also be taking it back to my country so I'm looking at about 2,000 more dollars of expenses to have it here. So I'm looking at about 12,000 US dollars for this beauty to cost me. Not too happy with the total cost.

The mileage on the bike is 16,144 miles.

The bike is beautiful indeed. Metallic grey with black lines. Bike looks to be in good order, no apparent damage. Only had 1 previous owner.

The bike has ABS which for me is a MUST HAVE. My next bike must have ABS. I own a Vulcan 900 and I'm looking to upgrade from the 900 to a 1700 Nomad or Voyager. I'd even consider a 1700 Classic if it has ABS. I'm looking for a powerful highway ride that turns head and that isn't too cumbersome to ride in town. I was thinking of getting the VTX 1800 or Vulcan 2000 and kitting them out as a tourer, but they have no ABS. These two bike models should tell you the lines that I'm interested in.

On the other hand, I seriously dislike something like a Goldwing and I've never been a fan of fairings like the Voyager has (although that could change). I like tractor-like mean-looking machines that are thick and huge, hence why I love the VTX 180 and Vulcan 2000. Not sure if the Voyager is like that as I've never seen one in person.

Back to the bike, this bike is a 2010 model, and I'm aware that there were some kinks on 2009 models. Apparently the 1700 Voyager and Nomad got a major revamp in 2012 as Kawasaki fixed the noisy belt/transmission and a better smoother ride with less jerking. I'm used to the VERY smooth ride of my 900, although I know that there's to be some jerkiness with the 1700 powerhouse. Still, I don't want shaft-drive type of jerkiness and I prefer belt drive by far.

My questions:

1) What should I be looking out for this 2010 Voyager model? Anything that I'd be inspecting or asking the dealer to inspect?

2) Were the heat issues, noisy belt and jerky tranny fixed by the 2010 model? I've read that the Voyager especially gets VERY hot because of the lower leg protection. Apparently the 2009 model was hell and Kawasaki fixed it by 2012. Does the 2010 have this big issue?

3) How should I go about asking the dealer if the bike had any reported callbacks fixed? Does Kawasaki give out official papers stating they've fixed any callback issues?

4) I have Tsukayu fiberglass bags and tour trunk in my 900, which they're all lined inside (and which I absolutely love!). What's the material on the bags and tour trunk for this 2010 Voyager? I believe they're plastic, but would like to ask your opinion. Do they break easily? Are they lined inside all across the bags/tour trunk?

5) Is the seating position really THAT different to the 1700 Classic? I like more the stretched-out position of my 900 or the 1700 Classic. I've read that the Nomad and Voyager have a more knees-at-90-degrees-angle position, similar to the Harley Davidson bikes. I don't fancy this too much, but I could absolutely change my mind when I try the bike.

I was looking at 1700 Nomads with ABS, but came across this Voyager puppy, which is why I'm willing to consider it. But for an overall 12,000 bucks... Not too sure about this one. I'm actually a more the simpler-the-better kind of guy when it comes to motorcycles. The additional stuff on the 1700 Nomad is as far as I'd like to go in terms of extra goodies, but, hey why not enjoy the additional goodies of a Voyager too?

Here are some pics. Many thanks for any help!

P.S. If you need more pictures, please let me know.

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The ignition harness was a recall that should be done before the bike can be resold from the dealer. The ECU was another recall for the 09 bikes, but not sure if it effected the 2010 models, ask. I believe it was 2011 when they changed the 1st gear ratio to help with the clunking into gear. Most have loosened the belt a little to eliminate the belt whine. The KAMS kit is how they dealt with the heat and can be retrofitted to the older bikes, 2012 was the 1st year from the factory with this. Using exhaust wrap on the head pipes help a lot on the heat issues. I think 2012 was also the model they switched to the tapered exhaust ends vs the slash cuts on the earlier models. This was done to reduce the sound output. The bags and trunk are not lined, they do sell a nice set of bag liners the lift out when you get where you are going when travelling. These are for the trunk and saddlebags. I'm 5' 81/2" and my knees are almost at a 90 degree angle on the floorboards, but with highway pegs they are at more of a 30 degree angle, they are adjustable and this is my comfort spot. I have a 2012 model.
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Here is a NADA Guides link with the low and average retail prices

2010 Kawasaki VN1700BAF Vulcan Voyger (ABS) Prices and Values - NADAguides

Look at the link to give you an idea of what it's worth. Also do a value using the dealer's Zipcode to see if it is valued the same.

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I would look for another dealer, for a model after 2010. That year had some heat issues, as well as recalls. $12k is steep IMO.

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Agree 12k is high,same two tone as my nomad,7500 otd on my nomad 958 miles when i picked it up,Love this bike,also went from a 9 to 1700,cockpit is different ,but very comfortable,added hwy pegs on my crash guard,work well
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I picked up the same bike but red and black in November for $7000 from an individual; already had fuel controller, intake, and exhaust with 18,000 miles. I also looked at a dealer who wouldn't budge on an $8500 price for a 2011 with 33,000 miles so you have to be patient.

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You should be able to get a 2012 or 2013 with reasonable mileage for about 10k, not including shipping. I have 2013 and thought about selling it and determined that's about all I could get, maybe just a little more.

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I just bought (from a dealer) a 2012 ABS with KAMS and 4,700 miles on it for $9700. Shipping is shipping, so that will be the same for any bike you choose. I would focus on the price of the actual bike. If the dealer won't budge, it sounds like they paid too much for the trade in bike. I actually had a dealer tell me that once on a truck. They said "That's as low as we can go and still make money on it." I told them "Well y'all paid too much for it then" and walked.

It's not garage kept.....I actually ride it.

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I bought mine a 2009 Voyager with 4K miles for 9,500 and it came with an extra set of seats (GEL) the best buy ever, I think your price is a little high for a 12K to 16K motorcycle of that age, I would work on them to get it a little lower

Thanks for looking!
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Hey folks,

Thank you so much for the help and for confirming the issues of 2010 models.

The dealer won't go below $9,700. Bear in mind though that I'm in Europe and these types of motorcycles are rare. Our second hand market isn't huge like the one in the USA.

I'm NOT going to go ahead with this. I'd consider $9,700 for a 2012- and up model with extras and LOW miles, but not for a 2010 model left as stock that the dealer doesn't even know if it has had the callback issues fixed. Heck, the dealer wasn't even sure if it was ABS or not.

Out of all motorcycles in the world, my dream bike is a 2008 or 2009 Vulcan 2VK (2000 with the thick wide nacelle, not the classic) kitted out BY MYSELF as a tourer. Tsukayu bags, tour trunk and a couple more amenities.

I just love the lines of the Vulcan 2000, how intimidating it looks (like a bull ready to charge) and how thick and heavy it is. I know many people do not like the V2K for those same reasons, but I love how big it is and that kitchen table fuel tank it has. My other dream bike is a VTX 1800 kitted as a tourer by myself too.

Unfortunately, I need ABS after a big scare on wet pavement that sold me on ABS. I managed to brake and avoid a collision by fighting the urge to brake hard in a panic situation, but ABS would have certainly made it less of a scare. Kawasaki's ABS is known for being inconspicuous and for not interfering with the ride, unlike Harley's ABS that seems to activate even going over bumps. I trust Kawasaki over any other brands and the Vulcan line of bikes are the best ever produced by anyone (in my opinion).

The V2K doesn't have ABS, and by the looks of it, ABS will never be a system that can be retrofitted. So it's a 1700 model for me.

Which would you say looks the closest to a V2K out of the whole 1700 range with ABS? Do the Nomads look as thick and intimidating as the V2K? How about the Vaquero? Maybe the 1700 Classic, but that one I believe was never sold with ABS, only the Nomads, Voyagers and Vaqueros.

I know that the Voyager especially was made to be a refined machine, which it is and any Vulcan is a great Vulcan. The 1700 line however have a noticeably shorter wheelbase than the V2K, a less-steep rake/trail and the tank, from what I've heard, isn't as wide. They also lack the crazy torque of the V2K (not saying they don't have any though) What can I say, I just love the obese look of the V2K so it'd be great to hear any opinions on which 1700 resembles the V2K the most.

Dang, why can't Kawasaki pull out a special edition V2K model with ABS for just one single year? Maybe a 2018 special edition? You guys agree that Kawasaki is done and done with the V2K and we'll never see it made again by Kawasaki? Or do you think that Kawasaki may pull out a V2K version with that same motor and that same physique in these coming years?

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