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Is that a Victory?

So July 4th I took a ride with my girl to a lake about 60 miles away has a little beach so we just wanted to ride there and hangout for a bit. Anyway about half way there I'm at a stoplight and a dude with his family has his windows down and decides he needs to strike up a convo.

He yells out his window, "Hey nice bike man sounds real good? Is that a Victory?" I reply "No it's a Vulcan." to which he replies "Oh what's a Vulcan?" and i say "it's a Kawasaki."

He then proceeds to tell me that I should've got a Harley. And that the new 48 looks real good and is nice. At this point my blood is boiling as I realize this guy knows absolutely nothing about bikes nor does he own one. Now remember all his windows are down and he has a wife and two kids in the back so I bite my tongue a bit.

He then asks me when I'm going to get a Harley. To which I say "I'll save my money." He confuses this with meaning I am going to save my money to buy one and replies "good idea." Right before the light changes he says "Well it's a nice bike for a Kawasaki."

So the moral of the story is its amazing to me how dudes that don't know the difference between a Victory and a Vulcan have the balls to tell me what bike I should have/get. It made me mad. Like really mad.

I wanted to embarrass him by asking him "Exactly what bike do you own?" so he could tell me he doesn't. Then reply any knob that doesn't know a Victory between a Vulcan needs to shut the eff up. However, I did not. I just rode off.

This crap upsets me. Especially from a knob that knows nothing about bikes. I'm posting this because it has happened before. Just irritating really. What do you guys say to stuff like this?
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I realize there are grammatical errors. Typing posts on an iPad is a bitch. I know, I know. #first world problems.
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I get a lot of "nice bike dude" I have a 9 and I just don't see spending the money. Do you know why Harley's cost so much???? They all come with their own trailer.

"As long as I have the voices in my head, I'll never ride alone."

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I use my right wrist to say all that needs to be said.
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"Yeah mate - it's a Victory /H.D. I'm just on my way to the mechanic to get it fixed again ..."
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what make of car was he driving? Toyota, Nissan, honda etc
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you never know...

...what is going to drop out of someone's mouth....many have no control over it. I love my "9"...
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Oh ya...we've all be there, or somewhere close to here! 8 out of 10 people that walk up to me to say something about my 900 clearly gained all their motorcycle knowledge by watching tv commercials, because it never fails...I get the standard " Nice Bike, is that a Harley?"

I'm thinking about taking the badge off the tank, to be replaced with a bumber sticker on both sides that says NoT a HaRlEy! It definitely gets on my nerves a little..especially when they proceed to say something else about harley's being nice bikes, or sounding good, or they got a friend that has one...

None of that bothered me when I first started riding..but it seems to be a progressively worse problem for me...rather than a diminishing one haha. I guess I'm just becoming too loyal to the brand!
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Funny, I just got the "Is that a Victory?" question again yesterday. But unlike Colemantle's experience this was someone who rode up on two wheels. A custom built chopper framing an all chrome S&S motor. So when he asked the Victory question, I gave him my stock reply; a very polite and enthusiastic "No it's a Kawasaki Vulcan, but I get that a lot."
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It made me mad. Like really mad.
No! No! No! That guy has no say so about his life and does everything his wife tells him to do.

The best answer is that it is a vulcan and riding it has been a great experience. Don't let wannabees push your buttons.
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