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Ultimate seat vs Mustang and risers

Well, after much testing and research I'm considering trying an Ultimate Midrider seat. I got a Mustang seat last week but if I keep it will need to get risers to accommodate the higher and further back position. I actually ordered an Ultimate seat a couple weeks ago and installed it but it felt like I was sitting right up on the tank so I returned it. But, now I think I know why. After switching back and forth between the stock seat and the Mustang several times I see how much the Mustang moves me back compared to the stock seat. I think my initial impression on the Ultimate seat, that it sat me too far forward, was really just that I wasn't use to the back rest. At the time I didn't realize how important the horizontal position was for arm/back/neck comfort. So, even though the Ultimate seat is more expensive (roughly $500 vs $350) the cost of the risers required to use the Mustang seat offsets that difference. The only thing I'm not sure about is the height of the Ultimate seat. They claim you sit in the same position as the stock seat. Can anyone verify this, that the height and distant to the bars is really the same as the stock seat?
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Have you consider just having your stock seat redone?? Here what spencer motors sent me in an email on what he does to a stock seat. I thought about it.

For your stock Vulcan 2012 900 Classic LT seat the usual modifications to the rider area are the creation of an actual seating pocket so that you sit more in the seat rather than on it, softening of the frontal midline to take pressure off of the crotch, along with correcting the too quick of a "turn up" at the rear of the seat to take pressure off of the tailbone and allow the back of the seat to actually give some support. If you add the Supracor suspension included in the LD upgrade it will allow a more form fitting and weight distributing shape, reduced vibration in the seat, and dampening of road shock. These changes help to distribute your weight across the seat rather than concentrating it in the center which allows more contact to help stop the pressure points. The Supracor works for the rider because it is a dynamic material with an instant rebound. It moves with you, working with your weight shifts for proper bike control. If you use a material in the riders section that "takes a set" it locks you in one position and fights against you. This is the main problem with foams as the rider is constantly moving, even while cruising the highway you are making small corrections in your weight distribution. You can find more information about the material HERE.

If needed the passenger area modification is similar but on a smaller scale. It concentrates on them needing a position that keeps their weight stable, and because of them having less contact points with the bike, a position that gives them more confidence and control over their position during braking and in turns.

Pricing would be the standard minimum of $50 for the actual work to the riders section, a $25 material charge for the Supracor, and $15 for the passenger section when done together but again only if needed, it doesn't effect the rider either way. Your original seat cover will be re-installed after my work is complete.

All of my work is done within the stock foam form, creating a new internal shape and supporting structure. The exterior appearance and dimensions of the seat are unchanged at rest so the stock seat cover stitching and studs will all still line up correctly. You will absolutely know that major changes have taken place when you ride.

A photo of you on the bike is helpful and appreciated, but not an absolute necessity. Each seat is set up specifically for the rider so any additional information you think I may need regarding your position, type of riding, any medical concerns you may have should be listed in the special instructions area on the order form. When you think you have given me too much information, just a little more should be about right.

Please feel free to ship at your convenience, all that I ask is that you drop me note when you do so that I can properly set my schedule. My current turnaround is no more than 48 hours so your only real downtime will be in shipping. If you visit my web site you can find the Order Form as well as my FAQ page which contains more information regarding shipping, payment, and a bunch (probably too much) general information. Contact me any time if you have questions.

Thanks again and ride safe, Spencer
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Spencer if you were only in Canada lol.
Olddave thanks for the info here I have been trying to decide on a seat. As I am short and my Custom VN900 seems stretched to me already I am going to go with the Ultimate seat over the mustang. I was trying to decide but you helped my descision. Thanks
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keep the mustang and get the risers (or is it "take the gun, leave the connelli?)

Perhaps it would be easier and more cost effective to keep the mustang seat and get risers at a max of $80. I have researched the same issue and found the following risers for a classic or custom:


The other issue you may be aware of is the ultimate seat is not as good about getting wet in a bit of rain as the mustang.

I am 5' 7" with short reach so I empathize with your situation about getting the fit correct. It's too bad some seat makers don't design a small adjustment (forward and back with a few detents and increased seat tongue over the tank to avoid this issue)


Ride Safe,

2011 VN 900 Classic SE
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First time I've heard of the guy at Spencer Motors...might have to check into him myself. I'm thinking about getting someone to alter my stock seat and make due until I can save up for a good seat... either a mustang or a day long.
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Thanks for the comments folks. I don't think I'd like to have the stock seat beefed up. I don't really like the overall design of the stock seat. But, I do appreciate the advise. Good to know the option is there.

I agree the risers would be cheaper. Even if I go for the Baron Kickbacks at $125 through Dennis Kirk, it's still much cheaper than spending about $200+ more for the Ultimate seat and to ship back the Mustang seat. But, I could try the Ultimate seat and return it if I don't like it and then try the risers (more return shipping fees!). But I think if I get the riser and install them, they can't be returned. So, just have to decide how much I'm willing to risk/spend to try stuff. If I had a brain I would have kept the Ultimate seat the first time I ordered for the full 14 days even though I thought I did not want it. (sigh...)

So, why not just get the risers? Here's the thing. I find sitting back even a couple inches further changes the way the bike feels and handles, not quite the same control. But, I'm not sure if this is due to sitting back farther, or because I have to reach farther for the bars. I experimented a bit this morning by just scooting up on the Mustang seat a couple inches while riding. In this position and with the bars closer the bike felt "better", more "centered", for lack of a better term. I mean, I'm sure the weight distribution on the bike has impact on the handling but I'm trying to figure out if it would feel just as good if I had risers so my entire posture was "correct" for the what is natural for the Mustang seat. Or, even if it is still a bit different, after a week I would adjust and think it was great. I do like the leg position better on the Mustang seat, not as far up on the tank so I don't need to spread my knees quite as much, and knees bent less.

So, has anyone else experienced this "change in control" feeling when sitting back further? If so, did risers fix this feeling (aside from relieving back pain, etc.)?
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...as I mentioned before...try the small risers first....for me, they worked "just right" with the Mustang seat....
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Hey Blackfeather, I do appreciate the advise. I've been doing a lot of experimenting when riding trying to imaging my hand positions with various riser options. It just seems like the 1" risers may not be enough of a difference. I've also put the stock seat back on to compare my position with the Mustang seat and it seems like I'm sitting back closer to 2" more. So, between the seat rise and the set back, I'm thinking the Baron Kickbacks may work better. I think I'd rather have a little bit more elbow bend than a little bit less. But, the jury is still out. Too bad it isn't easy to try different options. Thanks again for the advise and comments.
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no problem...

I think the kickbacks will work good...small adjustments are noticeable in your riding position.....
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anyone have the web site info for Spencer Motors. I can't seem to find anything on him.
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