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Going Down

So I am writing this post to discuss the aftermath of "going down".

I remember when I went through the Motorcycle Safety Course, the instructors at the time described riders as one of two types of people. Those that have gone down and those who haven't gone down "yet". Given that you can be the best rider in the world wont make up for the worst driver in the world making there presence known....I wanted to know how many of you have gone down, what injuries were sustained, as well as how long did it take for you to get back in the saddle?

For myself, I got to experience the pleasure of the asphalt just this past Wednesday as someone decided to illegally cross a street in front of me. Me @ 40mph, and them pulling out less than 30ft in front of me was almost a no brainer of where I was headed. So broken shoulder and bum knee later, all I can think of is whether or not my insurance is going to total my bike and make me look for another, or will I get her back...and how long.

Anyway, I look forward to reading any stories!
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Glad you are OK. Hope you recover quick.

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Went down a few months ago, but I was really lucky! Our town has these red light cameras. Now every time a light turns yellow, everyone slams on there brakes. Going to work one morning, light turns yellow and the lady in the pickup in front of me slams on the brakes. We were moving about 35 to 40 mph, but the roads were slick with drizzle. I braked hard and the bike started to slide sideways. I got her straight again and made it into the turn lane, but the intersection was coming too fast, so I broke hard again. The bike went sideways again, so this time I kicked loose and let her go into the intersection. I stopped sliding at the front bumper of the pickup. The lady had another 25 feet between her and the white stop line in the road. My bike slid into the intersection, but didn't get hit. I picked her up, hit the start switch and after turning over a few seconds, she fired up. I made eye contact with the other drivers to indicate I was coming through and drove into the parking lot of the local business. My mutazu saddlebags took the brunt and were destroyed! My front brake lever curled up, my grips were scratched up, my engine guards were scratched up as well as my exhaust pipes. I had one little scrape on one knuckle and a black big toe toenail. My modular helmet had scratches on the back of it, my jacket was torn up a little and my jeans were scuffed up. My steel toe boots have a bald spot on the steel toe box. The lady driver jumped out of the truck to see if I was alright, but I was pretty ticked off/embarrassed so I threw my hand up in the "talk to the hand" motion, so she got back into her truck and drove away when the light turned green. I made my way back into traffic and went on to work. One of my co-workers had witnessed the whole thing, but didn't realize it was me.
Anyway, glad you weren't hurt any worse than you were.
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Glad to hear you are OK. Hope you recover quick & heal completely. I, knock on wood, am one of the ones waiting to go down in my adult life. As a kid riding & doing daredevil stuff I went down many times. Hopefully it'll be later, MUCH later than sooner, never would suit me fine if I go down riding now.. Good luck with your bike repairs or replacement.

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I've gone down twice. Once each on my first 2 bikes.

First time ('79 Honda Twinstar)as I was pulling up to a red light to make a left. A car was coming from the left (weird 3 road intersection), turning toward the light intending to go straight through. So are paths were crossing in an X and he was looking to his left to watch the traffic light. I couldn't find the horn button to save my life and eventually bounced off his right front fender, slid into the curb and the bike flipped over onto its right side in the grass. Couple scuffs on the pipes, bent directional. I may have chipped a bone in elbow, but since I didn't seek medical attention, I don't know for sure. Stood the bike up, flipped off the driver and continued on to work.

Second time ('81 Suzzi 650 Custom) I was braking into a corner; early spring, sand still on the pavement. Unknown to me, the front disc brake wasn't letting go properly. I went into the corner, hit the throttle, the rear wheel broke loose and I ended up on my side, facing the wrong direction. More scuffs, bent directionals. Got up and rode home.

Both times I was only going 15 or 20 mph so I was pretty lucky. The last time I went down was about 25 years ago. I guess that means I'm over due.
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Had a 2000 Yamaha YZF600 as my first bike at 21 years old. Learned to ride on it - probably too much bike to start with but that's beyond the point now. I was on a nice back road came into a turn with gravel in the middle of the lane. I broke wide to miss it but was carrying too much speed. Got it onto the gravel shoulder and was slowing down but I ran out of shoulder before I could slow enough to get it back on the blacktop. The front tire slid into a ditch making the bike turn sideways while I countinued forward onto the road. Luckily I was gonig pretty slow by that point. I had on two heavy shirts and heavy jeans. Scraped up my palm and elbow pretty good. Scraped up my hip and knee pretty good and made me sore as hell for a week or two. I was on my way to pick up my paycheck at work. A girl stopped to see if I was OK and she gave me a ride to my workplace since she worked there too and was on her way in. I called my dad and he came to get me. We went back to the bike in the ditch and he helped me pull it out. I asked him what we were going to do with it and he said "If it will run you're going to ride it home". The fairing plastics on the left side were pretty messed up but that was really all. We got it running and I rode the thing home. It sat in the garage for several months while I saved up money to buy new fairing plastic. So, I guess I also opted for the "right back on the horse" method of dealing with a crash.

2013 HD Super Glide Custom
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Been down 3 times, all with a passenger. 1st time took longer for the bike to heal than either of us, a week. 2nd time, she had a sprained ankle so she was off the bike about 6 weeks. 3rd time was about 2 weeks ago, she has a broken ankle this time, wwearing tennis shoes instead of her boots. Dr. says it'll be about 10 weeks before she should try getting back on, but she's ready now. All 3 times was on slick pavement, 1st 2 just after a light rain, this time on an oil spill in mid corner. Last 2 times I road the bike home. Will never have another bike without an engine guard! All 3 times was at or below 35mph.
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Went down about a month ago, coming home from work Making a left on to the access road to get on highway, pickup runs red light. i was going slow enough so that I could lock her up and turn her sharp left then she drop like a rock so I let her go . she slid into intersection but hit nothing. I hit the ground , head , shoulder, elbow, Pulled muscles in my left leg bruse on my hip. bent tail light and scuffed crash bars. I just pick her up looked for oil and gas spill found none . Just got back on got on the highway and booked it home pissed off

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I've been riding about a year and a half and have gone down twice at very low speeds.

First time on my honda 750. At 5 miles per hour hit front brake in a little gravel while turning. Totaled bike! I was not hurt and managed to ride the bike 12 miles home. I was so disappointed!

Second time about 5 mph was on my 900 while twisting my neck around to see a bike in a front yard and front tire ran off edge of asphalt in grass. Scratched tank some. Bent left peg and gear shift that I was able to bend back... but not perfect. Broke my shield and had to get a new one. This time I think I fractured a rib and boy was it sore for a very long time. Still feel it every now and then and it is a reminder.

So now I stay focused at all times. I use both brakes at the same time for every stop or slow down.

I do not want to experience any more of these. Since then I have avoided cars, people, dogs, and deer making their way in front of me.

Speed and an un-focused moment will kill us. My motto with every ride is a constant...

If you spend a lot of time on your bike, very likely you will get an unexpected experience. We have to be as ready as we can be.
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I have been fortunate enough to not get any serous injuries. I have had more slow speed maneuver drops that I can count on my old nighthawk that I learned on. That was my intentions on that bike and I pushed my parking lot maneuvers to and past my limits. I started buy clutch and brake levers 2 and 3 at a time. Because I was pushing it beyond reasonable limits just to see how far I could. After that I dropped 2 in my yard, 1600 Meanie and the V2K. I consider my self lucky

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