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About to buy a 900 custom - HELP


I am in a grip of indecision and I would like some advice; here is my situation. I currently own a 2003 Yamaha R6 and I have been in love with the 900 custom for over a year now. I use the motorcycle every day to go to classes (M-F during the fall and spring) due to the fact that I can park at the business school without having to shuttle across campus. My R6 was my first bike and the previous owner treated it like crap; it requires some maintenance and new parts and I just want a vulcan.

A local dealer accidentally put up an ad for a 2009 Vulcan 900 Custom brand new for $5899.99 + tax / license (coming out to a grand total of around $6600). The ad was a mistake and has been taken down but after raising hell, they will honor the price. Even used 2008's in the store are more expensive! They promised me they would honor the price until they ran out of stock.

Here is how I will pay:
a) I am getting $3000 for free as a student in the first week of september. This happens every year. Great to have scholarships. I work, so I don't NEED the money to get by. It all goes towards the bike

b) I will get between $2000-$3000 for my bike with my gear thrown into the deal. I've had about half a dozen people ask to see it within 2 days of putting up a simple ad so I believe I will sell it.

Together, that's around $6000 meaning I'll only have to pay about $500-1000 out of my pocket for the taxes, license, and a new helmet to match the bike. I already have a leather jacket.

Here is my debate, which would you do?:

1) As of right now, I have not sold the bike or received my scholarship money. Scholarship money for $3000 is 100% guaranteed early september. The bike's ability to be sold is probable but not guaranteed. This means I will accumulate interest at 7.99% APR for the 1-2 months until I at least get the $3k to pay off half the bike. Should I snag the deal, suck up the $100-150 in interest I'll get by not paying it all off pretty much cash.

2) Option two is to turn down the deal and lose that price point, wait until september where I'll have the $3k + give me 2 months to sell the bike. Realistically, I would have $6k cash in hand early september for a bike. The upside is I save about $100-150 in interest but I have no bike to ride for 2 months.

What would you do? Play it safe, make sure I sell the bike (scholarship check is guaranteed, not a factor) and have cash in hand OR get the bike and apply these large chunks of payment as they come in?

Thanks and I look forward to eventually being a proud Vulcan owner!
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I'd snag it if I were in your shoes. But that's just me. I don't usually use a lot of common sense when it comes to something I want.

If you do, I wouldn't put all the scholarship money in a single payment until you have enough to pay off the balance by selling the current bike. We have an 08 Suzuki GS500 that's like new (less then 500mi), that we've been trying to sell and there aren't many bites. Might be my area, but I'm not sure there are a lot of buyers out there right now.

Anyway, I'd hold at least 6 months worth of payments out of the scholarship money just to give you a good chance to get the other one sold.
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Hmmmm....Well, I'm not a financial guru by any stretch and can be somewhat impulsive at times sooo I'm probably not a good one to give any sort of financial based decision, lol!

If it were me, the $150 in interest aside, would getting the bike now jeapordize my education? If not, I'd snag it. That's a great price. Then I wouldn't be bikeless for 2 months or risk losing the price. Most folks(myself included)will waste more than $150 on frivolous purchases over a 2 month period, so the loss in interest wouldn't even be a consideration for me. As long as education is not compromised, I'd snag it.

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Thanks for the advice. If my bike doesn't sell, I'm not financially constrained to the point where I cannot put up an extra $150-200 a month from wages. I'm just trying to get prespective from other people instead of just tending to the "I WANT I WANT I WANT" voice yelling inside of me this very second.

I think the reason I've gotten a few bikes is because I'm selling my bike for reaaalllllyyy cheap IMO. If you were buying my bike, you'd be paying $3k for a perfectly running '03 R6 (22k miles) that needs new rear brakes (I am giving the brakes, buyer must install it), new rear turn signals, fairings scratched but not broken or anything AND you'd get about $1k of free gear ('08 model Alpinestar racing leather jacket $500 retail, mesh / leather jacket, shoei 1000 helmet, 2 pairs of leather gloves).

For a new rider, $2k for a perfectly running R6 is a pretty sweet deal.
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When I bought my bike in Late May, Kaw had a no interest and no payments for 6 months plan available.

Is there such a thing as 100% guaranteed ?

Me, I would buy the new bike under the above plan if it's still available. Make do with the current helmet as there are other accessories that you will probably need more than a color coordinated helmet. Sell the old bike to pay down the new bike, and maybe even get a summer job to pay it down even more.
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Sounds like a pretty good deal to me.. I dont know what part of the country your in but I am in MA and I just bought an 09 custom with 240 miles on it for 6250 and I think it was a good price.. The bike rides beautifully. Not as fast as I would like but thats ok.. I am glad I made the choice as it was an impulse buy for me, saw it on Friday, went back with $$ on Monday & was riding that evening.. Its funny, I also have an 04 R6 with 8000mi. Changing over to a cruiser, getting tired of sore wrists.. $2000 does seem pretty cheap for your bike unless its really beat.. I am shooting for $5000 for mine and I dont think I am off much. Mine is mint with front and rear stands, always garaged, D&D exhaust plus stock, GPR stabilizer, angel eyes headlights & a mirrored sheild.. If you do get it, you wont be sorry..
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Heh, mine is a D&D exhaust as well for my R6. I live in central Florida

Thanks for the advice. The summer job is a good idea, I already work full time so that'd be the same plan. As I mentioned earlier, an extra $150-200 a month in the absence of my bike's $3k payment won't hurt me as it will inconvenience me. I just wanted other people's perspective so I can see if it's actually a good deal or if I'm just rushing to buy.

I'm also tired of the sore wrists, etc. Frankly, my R6 was a horrible purchase. I loved the bike, but as of today I've replaced the gauge cluster, brake and clutch levers, lights, tires, entire electrical wiring, new containers for oil / brake fluid, new engine starter button cluster. I've had issues with the bike suddenly shutting off going at around 45mph on normal riding pace. I've had problems with the bike suddenly deciding not to start, etc. All in all, I'm tired of problems continuing arising and tired of a sportsbike.

The 900 custom just felt right since I saw an 08 last year. Every time I see one it catches my eye above and beyond many cruisers. It might be the sportsbike - style handles or front wheel styling but I like it.

Anyone else switch from a sportbike to a 900 custom and not regret it?

Thanks for the replies

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Silvab, about three weeks ago I traded my mint 01 Honda CBR600 F4i sportbike for my new 09 Vulcan 900 Custom S.E. and I do not regret it at all. I rode the sportbike for over 6 years and loved it! I had sooooo much fun on that bike and have a lot of fun memories.
I went to the local dealership to get a new rear tire, brakes, and inspection and after an hour of waiting I decided to walk into the showroom. After looking at some other bikes in the showroom I saw the Vulcan and said, "Wow thats a cool looking bike!". The rest is history!
They gave me $3000 for my bike so the following Thursday I went and picked it up.
I do not regret leaving the sportbike scene at all. I love the looks and the comfort of the Vulcan. I can ride it for hours with no wrist, back, or butt pains. Sure the bike does not have the speed of the sportbike, thats because its not a sportbike. It does have enough power to have fun, and the bike handles the twisties way better than I thought it would. I really love this bike and highly recommend you pick one up!

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"I live in central Florida"

Gator ?

when I bought mine, I new pretty much knew the model I wanted, 900 Classic LT. When I walked into the showroom, it was love at first site, so I know how you feel. The no interest no payment plan for 6 months gave me the time I needed to get my finances in order.

Good luck, and I hope to works out for you.

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Thanks for the advice, Im headed to the dealership tomorrow. Picking up my new 09 900 custom : )

and yes, go gators! Wish the SE wasnt so much more expensive, that orange undertone with a single blue stripe addition would make an excellent orange/blue gators colors haha.

oh well. Ill post here about how the purchase and drive home went
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