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Alright, so I am the new owner of a 2011 Custom. Its my first Vulcan, so I know little about them, as far as where everything is. So, today, I decided to snoop around a bit. Pulled off the seat, tool box/battery cover, right side cover (as you sit on the bike) and left side cover as well. Looking for fuses, coolant tank, etc. Well, in the process of pulling off the left side cover, one of the little plastic nubby thingies snapped off inside the rubber grommet. I tried Gorilla Glue, but it just popped off again when I re-installed it. Its the bottom one. Anyone have any suggestions before I go out and buy a new one from the dealer?? When I tried installing it without the nub in place, it rattled around. So, I don't wanna ride it until its fixed. Guess that's what I get for snooping, eh?
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Dammit is right I pull mine off pretty regularly, and I'm not gentle about it... thanks for the heads up (although mine's a '96, and maybe they don't make them like they used to). I don't have any suggestions besides the dealer, but thanks for sharing, and don't let it discourage you from snooping, tinkering, etc. :thumbsup:

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My first bike was an '06 900 classic and I removed the covers a number of times with never a problem. The second bike is an '07 900 Classic and I broke a tab off first time I pulled the cover. (left side) Same as you, it rattled without the tab, so I glue it back on every time I have to remove it with ABS cement. Holds well enough when riding but I know it will break off next time I remove the cover. Worse yet, I've now broken a second tab on that cover. A little silicone grease applied to the rubbers should allow you to remove the covers a little easier, but I'm afraid that once the tabs are broken we're stuck with eventually having to replace them. One other trick might be to drill a hole in the cover where the tab is and run a screw in there that has a head about the same size as the ball on the tab is/was. Let us know what works for you.
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I used some more gorilla glue and let it cure a couple hours. It went back together, but, I'm sure it will snap next time I pull it. The dealer wants $75 for a new cover and I found em online for about $55. So....until then, we shall see if it holds.
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Im not sure exactly how your cover is, my idea is simiar to poppawhiskey drill a small hole on the cover but do not go trouhgt and drill same size hole on broken nipple get a small screw cut the head off and tread into both broken pieces, will take some patience and a steady hand, good luck
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Magic stuff called JB Weld. That stuff joins stuff together like nobody's business. I had some fender mounting tabs on my Gold Wing crack and I repaired them with JB Weld. So far it's holding as good as new. The stuff cures hard as concrete and you can file and paint it, too. Lots of Wing owners I know of have used the JB Weld. You can get the fast curing version called JB Kwik, but I don't think it holds as strong as the stuff you have to let cure for 24 hours. Comes in two tubes. Squeeze out equal amounts of both, mix them up thoroughly and apply to what needs to be joined. Just to make sure, after you join the two pieces together and let them cure, mix up another batch of JB Weld and apply it liberally to the already-mended joint for added strength. Love the stuff.

Oh, and you can find it at Wally World, ACE Hardware, Lowe's, Hope Depot, just about anywhere, it seems.

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Some good ideas here. I have had great results with JBWeld and may use it with these tabs. If that fails I will try replacing the tab with a screw. I think that tab is too small for me to drill into successfully so instead I will put in a screw that has it's head modified to be the same size as the broken tab. Cheers.
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That sucks! JB Weld has worked for me,give it a try. i have pulled off my side cover quite a few times and never had a problem thankfully. Was the plastic really cold when you tried to pull it off?

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You can use a soldering iron and "weld" the two pieces back together. you simply heat and "mix" down the break line on both sides and then you can smooth withb an epoxy or body filler and paint it.

I have done this repair on numerous ABS body pieces successfully.

Google plastic welding for more info.

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ABS glue would make the most sense. It is ABS plastic that they use isn't it. JB weld works great, fixed a hole in my gas tank on my old Ninja that way. I would think that the warranty should cover that. No reason something like that should break so early.

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