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Vulcan 900 vs Sportster 883 or 1200

Hey everyone, can you tell me why you would buy a 900 Kawi over the Harley. Be honest, because I am a solo rider, that is 6 foot and 250lbs. I am hoping to buy a new bike this year Any feed back on the power etc would be great.

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Less money for a better motor & ride.The fuel injection on these bikes are smooth & responsive with the liquid cooled to keep it running great in all temps.The 1200 I believe is faster but them old school push rods & cam is way out dated.To me the 883 is a girls bike.To compare you would have to get into the Dyna Harley's they have rubber motor mounts at least.

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you aint gonna fit on that sportster. am 5-7 and its too small for me. if you are bent on a hardley consider the dyna series superglide. sometimes you can get lucky n pick one up reasonable.

my nephew had a 900 kaw and he is right at 6ft. he rode that bike on several week long trips. 06, indy to colorado and back was too much. I think he was trying to keep up with a hardley lectraglide. it was ruff on him an the bike. Now he has a victory vegas. big bike.

900's are fun. I find em on the small side. am sure others will chime in w/diff story. ponch, out

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Take a look at this article to read about the 2010 Vulcan:

The same site also reviewed the Sportster for 2010 in this article:

There is also a video they did:

These articles should still be pretty accurate since they are only a year old.

Out of all the "middle weight crusers" they reviewed it seemed that they liked the Vulcan Custom the best and the Sportster the least. These articles and the video where the biggest reason I ended up buying the 900 and not another bike in the same class. That and my SE looked the best all blacked out

If you can I would take both for a test ride and see what you think. Good luck in finding the right bike for you.

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Just go to the harley shop and sit on a sporty, then sit on a VN900 , and you will see the size difference. Im 6 2 220 and rode my buddys sporty, way to small.
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I've had a Sportster in the past. To me it "felt" like a much smaller bike than my 900 custom. The leg and arm reach can be remedied by aftermarket forward controls, handlebars, and risers, but (IMO) the frame/wheelbase just feels like a much smaller bike.

I prefer my 900 over a Sportster; even with a 1200 engine. I've taken it (the 900) cross country loaded down with camping equip. and a windshield with no problems whatsoever. As a side note to this; i also own a 2010 Wide Glide and the 900 is still my "everyday" bike... when i get to ride, anyway.

I will say that i do NOT consider the Sportster to be a "girls" bike any more than i would any other motorcycle. They're just the entry models of the Harley line and being their least expensive, smallest, and lightest models, they suit novices and folks with smaller frames better than the larger and heavier models. I think the newer ones are darn nice bikes.

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Originally Posted by RICH View Post
Hey everyone, can you tell me why you would buy a 900 Kawi over the Harley. Be honest, because I am a solo rider, that is 6 foot and 250lbs. I am hoping to buy a new bike this year Any feed back on the power etc would be great.

Take the time to sit on all three bikes. I was in the same position you were last year. I was looking at the 900 and the 883 as my first bike. I honestly really wanted to like the 883 but I got on one and it felt really cramped.

I ended up with a 900 custom, don't let anyone tell you that the 900 is too small of a bike for you. I am 5-11 and 270 and my 9 moves me pretty good.

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Ditto on Heleks post..

Also, the Sporter was originally designed as Harley's race bike. Call it the original crotch rocket or cafe racer. They can be real fun around town or on short trips. But the Vulcan has always been a cruiser. The angle of the seat, floorboards and handlebars all work together for the comfort of the rider on those longer trips. It still has plenty of get-up-and-go, and it is really nice in the twistys. But when you're on a 3 hour long strech of interstate, it will be much more comfortable than that Sportster.

Of course, none of us on this forum are prejudice or anything!

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The Sportster will definitely be to cramped for you.

The 1200 is faster than the 900, but your not racing, your cruising.

As mentioned above, you will really appreciate the water cooled motor on a metric on a hot, humid summer day. Harley's really cook and can get pretty uncomfortable in traffic on hot days.

If you just plane want a Harley, I would look into a bigger model than the Sportster.

One other thing, Harley's tend to have quite a shake to them. Some guys don't mind, some do. This isn't a put down, they are just different.

My two cents
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Remember that you are also on a Vulcan message board...
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