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almost (did) get ridden off highway!!!

dark out...about 7:30pm...on my Vulcan 900 classic on Interstate 55 North bound in left lane doing about 70mph...following a car that's two car lengths ahead...there's a car literally next to me to the right of me in the middle lane...i'm watching his tires and assuming that this old nutty is going to go in my lane...sure enough...he swerves over as if i'm not there...I'm pressing horn...several beeps...and he either ignores or doesn't hear me...keeps coming over...UN-BE-LIEVEABLE!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm screaming like a mad man but only i can hear myself in my helmet...CRAP!!!

I grab brakes cause I was pre-paring for as much...grab clutch...slam brakes swerve left...slow down and catch up to him (old guy and old lady)...and they ignore me...either they really didn't hear me or know they even swerved over on me.

not ten minutes later on regular road...a different cager almost pulls out in front of me...i would have t-boned his car at 45mph...had I not flasshed/honked like crazy...he slammed brakes before pulling right in front of me...take a guess if he was on his cellphone or not??? YES, of course!

watch out for those cagers at night!!!!!!!
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Am very used to it and have been for long. I do tell you this though. Loud pipes do save lives! Even with louder pipes idiots will still do this but not as much.

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Originally Posted by Classtom View Post
Am very used to it and have been for long. I do tell you this though. Loud pipes do save lives! Even with louder pipes idiots will still do this but not as much.
i did think about that...cause I downgraded from Cobra Speedster Shorts...but, this was highway crusing so at that would not have been loud anyways...bottomline, this older couple was not going to see or hear you said, "used to it."

I was so pissed that I drove like an idiot (sped up like crazy / lane weaving) to try to pull up next to these people so I could give them an earful...but, realized that I'm going to have to quit that type of behavior and like you said, "used to it and have been for long..."

Ride Safe, God Bless all!
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I saw a very sobering thing on the road yesterday morning. I was on my usual path to work, about 6am so still pretty dark, out on the Interstate. Suddenly I see many brake lights going on and we all slow to a crawl, so I assumed just another traffic bunch-up. No big deal.

I started to wonder what was going on, but there were no emergency lights flashing up ahead or anything... but soon I came up on a scene off to the right shoulder. First I saw a motorcycle parked upright on the shoulder of the pavement, then I saw another cycle down in the middle of the lane and it's rider laying down on the pavement. The parked-motorcycle rider looked to be attending to him. The downed rider was leaning up on his elbow and partially sitting up so I knew he must be at least conscious and communicating. I was in the far innermost left lane and they were two lanes over or I might have stopped too, but by the time I saw all this we were past it and I couldn't get over quick enough safely anyway. A minute later I saw the ambulance coming up from the other direction, lights and siren on full. Help was on it's way.

It sickened me and took all the joy out of riding yesterday. I finished my commute to work, and returned home safely myself, but found myself going very cautiously and mostly staying in the right lanes. I even exited the Interstate a couple of exits early and took back roads the rest of the way home in the afternoon.

At work that day, a co-worker who went by the same scene at about the same time said he saw what happened. The downed biker had been rear-ended by the cage behind him. All I could think was, if I had been just a few minutes earlier yesterday, that well could have been me. Be careful out there my friends. It can come from ANYwhere.

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Some days are worse than others. Or at least it seems that way! Friday morning, on my way to work I was stopped at a light. I was the last vehicle in my lane. And I was holding my my brakes on. Next thing I hear is the squeal of brakes. I look in my mirror and a cager is sliding to a stop behind me! Man, he was real close when he finally stopped! I mean a couple of inches! Yup, I gave him an earful!

Same day on my commute home I had a cager change lanes right in front of me. No directionals. I gave him a blast with my stock horn and he cut back over. He wasn't real close but I know he didn't see me. How you miss seeing a bike with 5 lights on the front and a loud exhaust is beyond me. I guess he just couldn't be bothered to look.

So now I am looking at tail light options and louder horns. I've been looking at a Back off modulator that will keep the tail light flashing while stopped first. Anybody use this product?
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I have had allot of cagers pull out in front of me, change lanes, squealing stops behind me, but so far have been blessed enough and have not been hit. We have head light modulators, bright spot light driving lights, and big boy 150db horns.. Always come to a stop lined up at an angle so we can pull forward and around the car in front.. Usually keep eyes on mirror flashing break lights until we are sure they are stopping behind us.. Also never ride the interstates. If there is not a back road to get there we do not go. The last one to pull out in front of us was pulling a trailer, wouldn't you know it he had motorcycles on the trailer
Stay safe, watch the cagers!! Dan

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I've only been riding for a few months now. I rode down with my dad for 2 hours for him to get his first service done on his Fury 1300. I hate Interstates to begin with and didn't want to go on one with a bike. He convinced me to do so since it would cut 15 min off our trip. We're doing around 60mph letting traffic pass us and me to get used to cagers passing me and how to react to it (honestly.. it's not that bad). At one on ramp there was a vehicle coming on.. they didn't slow down or even look. I hit my brakes and they swerved inbetween my dad and I. if I wouldn't have hit my brakes I probably would have been going down.

Another time happened a few weeks ago. I was pulling out of my driveway one morning and I saw a vehicle coming and decided to wait. I live on a main highway with vehicles doing 55+, so I thought it would be better. They passed and I pulled out onto the road. Before I even hit 3rd gear I saw a deer run out and smash right into the side of the car. They did a 180 in the middle of the road and stopped along the burm. I pulled over and ran over to see if they were ok. She was a little shaken up and kept yelling that she just bought the car a week before. I lent her my phone so she could call for someone and waited for them to show up. (no, I didn't get her number). All I could think about is if I wouldn't have waited for her that deer might have ran right into the side of me. It was a good sized deer too. It ran back in the direction of where it came from and fell over and died.
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It is a scary world out there, especially on 2 wheels with all these crazy/distracted drivers out there. I find it humbling when im driving my car... I always look twice for motorcycles, but that's because I ride. There have been several times where i only noticed the motorcycle at second glance, and I think "wow, how did I miss that on the first look." When we ride, we are focused, and can see everything around us, especially vehicles. Unfortunately cagers cannot see us as easily, and just don't pay enough attention. We always wonder how they miss us, but i'm sure if you have driven a car, you have experienced a moment where you swore that motorcycle just came out of nowhere. Loud pipes, loud horns, and high beams are all great, but ultimately we need more than that to be seen and avoid accidents. We have to always assume that the car in front/behind/next to us does not see us, and prepare accordingly. I try to play scenarios out in my head, and try to think of a plan if a car takes a certain action. Glad everything worked out, ride safe!

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I saw the eyes this morning by the side of the road, looking back at me. They flickered were there again, then they were on the move. I got to the last blind corner and was already covering my brake, sure enough, round the corner and he ran right out in front of me.

You know, if you hit or get real close to a Racoon they'll jump ya and they have lots of nasty teeth. And Rabies which nobody wants.

Thankfully I had the jump on him and didn't get close.
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Originally Posted by Ghost View Post
So now I am looking at tail light options and louder horns. I've been looking at a Back off modulator that will keep the tail light flashing while stopped first. Anybody use this product?
I have both the back off and headlight modulators from Signal Dynamics on my 900 LT. They were very easy to install and work well. As far as I can tell, they also will attract the attention of the other drivers. But, you won't get all of the idiots........

I am going to install some bright, red LED bullet lights on the rear to enhance the brake/running light that is there. I'm going to mount them higher up, on each side of the luggage rack. I have a chrome license plate holder with 2 red, 5" LED bars running across the top and bottom that also do brake/running lights. I'm considering putting a 6" red LED bar brake/running light, across the back of the luggage rack, between the 2 LED bullet lights. I think that the tail light is too low and too small for driving in a metro area like I do, with lots of idiots on the freeways and side streets. The LED lights I have ordered also from Signal Dynamics and should work okay with the modulators.

I already have a Cobra light bar on the front, but I'm considering another couple of bright LED lights there too, down low on the engine guard.

2010 Vulcan 900 Classic LT
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