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Rode a Sportster

Ok this is not a Harley bash post by any means, I love alot of their bikes, and I think they have styling down pat. So anyway I was down at the local Harley dealer and they were pushing me to test ride some bikes (even though I was just there for some S100 Cleaner) so I played along because I've never ridden one and was very curious. So I hop on a fresh 1200 Sportster Custom and head off down the road. Pluses are it feels very light, good seating position and comfortable, gobs of torque, controls feel good, and shifting not as clunky as I thought. But ALL of that is negated by the unbelievable amounts of vibration. Maybe I'm oversensitive to it but at pretty much any speed the mirrors are useless and the vibes coursing through my entire body, including my teeth, were beyond uncomfortable. Again maybe I'm oversensitive or just too old and "not man enough", but I left thinking how in the world could anyone ride one of these. I pulled out on my Custom feeling extra good about it. Again don't mean to bash, just found it amusing.
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vibration is the reason i will never ever own a harley and im 25

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Well, when they started making them it was an unfortunate bi-product. Now they can get away from it but the client base demands it. So if you want that model HD you get the vibs. But they have other models with rubber mounted engines that do all the dancing for you, at speed I'm told it all evens out, I don't know. When I sit on one it looks like I have a wheel growing out of my, wheelbase.
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my pal bought a nightster the same time I got 900lt and we traded bikes one day for a ride and he was extremely comfy, I admit I love the look but the throttle was very jumpy and the vibration to me just said hey I'm a HD and don't you forget it. lol I wish to own a HD someday but I don't see my vulcan going away anytime soon. This is my second vulcan and my dads had 3 so kawi must be doing something right.
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Yeah the Sportster is by far the worst for bad vibration. I'm not sure why anyone would demand such discomfort. I rode a friends Fatboy years ago (softtail, balanced engine) and it was super smooth, I loved that bike but 20K is way outta my range. The rubber mounted models (dynas, tourers, etc) don't transmit the vibes as bad but that engine shakes like crazy at idle and still puts off a good bit of vibe at certain engine speeds. Like I said I didn't mean to start a Harley Bashing just thought some of you would find it interesting and informative if you enjoy all types of bikes like I do.
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Yes they are fantastic looking bikes no doubt and I'd consider one if I had the $$$. Those Nightsters have practically no suspension travel so you're best to stay on smooth roads.
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I love all bikes, even Italian ones...



1980s technology with 2010 prices...they look like there engineered by 14yrolds w crayons and glue...

...and ive owned a few...

...the one thing you can guarentee is that you will add gas and make noise without the embarrasing by product of horsepower...
...metric cruisers are just designed better, lighter (IMO makes them safer for a number of reasons), and a better value...

...not that that matters to HD owners...your paying dues to get into the BadAzz Club...dont forget to buy your go watch SOA tonite...

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someone mentioned the mirrors here... i am seeing DOUBLE in my mirrors so what is the difference??!?! i have a 900 Custom with Vance & Hines on it... just added a Cobra Fi2000R and still have little use for the mirrors... the things vibrate like there's no tomorrow?!?!?

so that is a poor comparison...

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... just an awesome ride!

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One time, in a far away galaxy, I foolishly told my coworker I would not want a sporster like his because it vibrated to much. I was riding a 250cc two stroke. LOL

Full story is we had a 1/8 mile drag race and I beat him, so I got take his ride out for a bit. Sure it vibrated, but.....
Oh yea, he blew past me right after the finish line. That would have been 1967.

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Almost 20 years ago I had a 1984 KZ700 my brother and I used to drag race at several local strips. We started going more frequently to Beaver Springs. They had some harley guys show up 1 week to compete. My 700 had a V&H pipe that was all I had done to it. 1st round I was up against a 1994 HD 1200 sportster with open pipes and a screaming eagle carb. My dial 13.10 his dial 13.25. So our trees came down almost identical with him leaving 1st. At the start he was way out ahead of me. I thought I snoozed on my light and I flogged my KZ for everything she had. Just past the 1/8 mile I came up on the Harley so fast I thought he broke. I grabbed a handful of brake to keep from breaking out and ran 13.12. He ran 13.28 my MPH was 110 his was 87.5. When we got to get our time slips I ask him if he broke He said not it just does not have anything after the 1/8 mile I said "like a farm tractor" we just laughed. I love the style and finish of HD bikes but to me my bike has to have some thrill in the trottle also.

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