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When is loud pipes too loud?

Gotta vent a little......Participated in a Patriot Guard Ride today and a Harley riding next to me had slash cut pipes, (not sure what brand) but they were ear splitting loud. The guy had to get on it every couple of seconds just to let everyone know his pipes were loud, and every underpass he had to rev the engine as we went under it. I guess it was just my luck to be ride next to this guy, but it sure was annoying after awhile. I had a hard time hearing after riding 40 miles next to him to the Cemetery; I just don't see the reason for pipes being that loud. (imho) Happy to have him participate in the procession, but I guess I'll have to make sure I have ear plugs in next time. I guess it would be senseless to ask for a little restraint when riding in this type of event....Sigh!
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When I first started riding motorcycles in the early 70's, you'd get busted for anything that made any noise much above stock. And stock had to be relatively quite. Straight pipes would not have been tolerated. I'm not sure what changed, but it has really become annoying. I swear everybody with loud pipes thinks they're Arnold in Terminator. I hear all these guys claim loud pipes save lives; they don't and that's a proven fact. If cagers will look directly at you and still pull out in front of you, noise won't stop them either. It's probably another manifestation of Napoleon syndrome. I just love the South Park episode called "The F Word". Bikers invade South Park with loud exhausts and the boys take care of them; it's priceless.


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Personally I love loud pipes
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Usually, and from now on you'll think to ask, you can get placed next to people with respectable pipes. All you gotta do is ask.

There probably are a few cases where a loud motorcycle has saved a life. There are about 50 states that constantly think about making them illegal thanks to some jerk. Loud noise WILL make you deaf after a while. Maybe that's why the pipe guys don't want to hear about it? But I still am for personal choice.

Another thing to have on a PGR ride is ear plugs or noise canceling ear phones. That will make the issue moot AND with longer distances at speed you should have some kind of ear protection anyways.
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*mmmph, mmm mmm Mph hmmm*

There ya go, my 2 cents.

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pipe problems

I put a cobra 2into1 on my 900C for performance, not noise. The stocker exhaust sounds like a sewing machine, but it also restricts the 900 from high rev breathing, and we all know about the revs....After I installed the new pipes, the high rev shaking virtually disappeared, and there was more oomph to carry a wide load like myself at +70 speeds. Sure, it is louder, but if you are mature at all, you don't have to crack and fart all the way thru town...
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What do they say if its too loud your too old- I love my loud pipes louder the better i love it
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Ahhh...the oooold "Loud Pipe" debate!

My Harley has gutted pipes, and my VN has stock, so I'm living on both sides of this argument. I'm going to do something like a stage 2 on my 900 (Someday...) and I wish my VRSC pipes were a little quieter, BUT I do believe that sometimes loud(er) pipes do get you noticed, and that CAN save lives.
I also believe that the loud pipe debate is a lot more about throttle discipline and a little courtesy than it is about how much your pipes are uncorked. I ROUTINELY ask my neighbors to inform me if my pipes disturb them...and I keep my RPMs low on BOTH bikes when I'm in neighborhoods. I've talked to the LEOs in my area to make sure we're square about my noise pollution...I believe that a courteous operator AND loud pipes can coexist...but that's how I roll.
Pistols save lives too. But...if you choose to use yours in a manner that is shall we say....discourteous, then you're going to have problems with the general public about THAT also!!
There's always some low-octane type out there that mucks it up for the rest of us. Always will be, but in my area the LEOs usually deal with those A$$holes on a "one on one" basis, and leave the rest of us alone.
Some states have adopted strict laws about decibel polluters, which is why I keep an unmodified set of pipes for my bikes....and for warranty purposes too. If I get a ticket...I'll pay the man.
I think that LEOs aught to be busting meth labs and locking up rapists, but if enough idiots out there disturb the public with their pipes - then the states can make money on noisy bikes too. Me? I won't blame the PO-PO if that happens....that's on US!

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California just passed a law, anything over 80 decibels is illegal. They can only site you if you are pulled over for another violation.
My guess is, if you are cracking the throttle and making a lot of noise, they will find a reason to get you.

When I was a teenager running around the streets with illegal headers on my 57 Chevy, I always put the clutch in and coasted by the cops out of respect for them and my wallet.

Perhaps people with excessively loud pipes should do the same. I think it's only a matter of time before all municipalities crack down on loud pipes.

I like the sound of the 9's stock pipes (though it is a little too quite). I put Dunstall Megaphones on my wife's bike, then I couldn't hear my 9 run at all. So I just put V&H Slashcuts on it. It's loud, but I don't think it is excessively loud.

My neighbor has debaffled drag pipes on his softail. That in my opinion is excessively loud.

I have come to realize that pipes are a very subjective subject and to each his/her own.

I also think a motorcycle should sound like a motorcycle.

Just my two cents, happy riding.
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