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Airlie Beach to Long Reach Australia on Baby Girl

142 Photo's right there>>>>

Map >>>>>

There's 142 photos, so I linked to them instead.

I awoke One saturday morning, after a bad week at work, and my boss forcing me to take leave for a week. What to do??? so I fired up baby girl and shot off on Saturday morning from Airlie beach for a ride, Every Saturday if the weather is good, baby Girl gets a good run, I don't think she knew what I was thinking, I departed still unsure of which direction to head, south or West. After 50 minutes heading south on the Bruce High way I had to make my decision, and I turned Right out threw a few small sugar towns, Marian and Eton and Cruised out to West to Nebo. The Traffic was thick on the the way to Moranbah trucks were many and the ride was rough Overtaking on these Roads was taking my life into my own hands with numerous pot holes that would swallow me hole, Tired Drivers with heavy foots, Wide loads and simply, really bad roads. Eventually I made it to Moranbah, I Fuel up for my second time, The price of Fuel was up 10 cents a litre, the people were FAT, and most had a chip on there shoulder. I then shot off to Clermont, The Traffic thinned out, the Road improved and Scenery was starting to improve, Baby Girl was starting to cough, I had picked up some bad Fuel and Didn't realise more was to come. Coming into Clermont all you see is the mine, eventually coming across there Museum, We stopped in, but it was closed, and so were all Fuel stops bar one in town. I then stayed on the High way to Capella, A tidy little town and very quite, but I pushed threw to Emerald, Again, Fuel prices here Jumped, another mining town!!!. I didn't stay long here, as I needed to Find a place to crash, so I pushed on, tired and Weary to a little Town called Alpha, I didnt even realise we were pushing threw the Drummond range, I think I had taken to many one twos to the Kidneys by now as I was hurting, and little did I know Baby Girl was too, we arrived in Alpha, only to find accommodation to be threw the roof, rent out here is 1000 a week!!!, but the people here are great and a bit of haggling got me a villa for a 100 bucks, still more than what I wanted to pay, but better than 250 just for a bed!!. I headed off to the local golf club, and there I had a few quite drinks with the locals and grabbed a Nice feed, Upon leaving, Baby girl, had no lights, and coughed a little as I idled to my cabin using the moon for light.

Sunday morning I was up early and started repairs to the lights, getting the head and tail lights living again, still no indicators on the right side. I fuelled up and headed on to Longreach, Out here the Skippy's get Big, the hawks are many, Tumble weeds cover the roads. First stopping at Barcaldine for Fuel and Breaky, Here is were I came across the Tree of Knowledge, I could see the monument from miles away, this is trueley an amazing place to visit, and every Labour polly needs to go back and learn were there party came from. The Women were starting to get beautiful again, Fatty's??? not to be seen!!!. I then hammered out to Jericho and then stopped in Ilfracombe, This place is a Museum in itself, the Entire main Drag is full of History lining the northern side. My Favourite was the Jackson Collection of Guns and Bottle's, I even found a Chain saw for DVP!!, they had a old shop mocked up and many other things, but my time here had to be cut short, I needed to get to Longreach, as I had to be back in Emerald that night!!.

Coming into Longreach, the Red Quanta's Tale can be seen for miles, You get excited thinking you nearly there, but still over 45 mins away!!, the ground is flat, the roads are straight. Eventually I reached my Goal and I was standing in front of the Stockmans hall of fame, I felt ten foot tall and full of Aussie Pride, this place has an Aurora about it that get's right into your bones, the unsung hero's line the walls, The Ringer Tells tails over the camp fire, Days can be lost in here, I left there, feeling no Higher than the Knee height of a grass hopper, it is very Humbling. I then headed over to the big red tail that had been haunting me for the last 45 mins on the Capricorn highway, The Quantas Museum is great and you get that humbling feeling again, a Full day is required to really see this place, its not big, but alot of Info and history is at Hand.

It was Time to leave, I grabbed some Fuel, and a feed, We left Longreach, only for baby Girl to stop just out of Longreach, She had suffered a Heart Attack, her Arteries blocked with a bad diet of Caltex and mud, I taped up her airfilters to choke it, she fired up, I limped back into town to the servo, they were no help, I was stuck, Luckily I ran into an old family friend, couldn't believe it of all place's, she lived just up from the servo, so I limped it into her Place, and stripped Baby Girl down, dumping the Fuel tank and removing the Filter and pump from inside, I tapped out the Filter, I was shocked at how much came out. A new Filter was 400 dollars, as it comes with the pump and all, and weeks away from delivery if the bike shop did open on monday morning!! I grabbed some Fuel hose and a Ryco filter and jerry rigged a setup, but didn't check to see if the filter would fit into the tank, Bugger, so bypassed the Filter and fitted the Ryco inline out side of the tank, Now I could get to it on the side of the road if need be, I repaired the Wiring that was wearing threw from the rough roads, Fuelled her up and baby Girl was alive, I took her Further West with my host on the back, Heading out to were Longreach was in Flood for a look. I returned back to her home, and stayed there the night, I was spoiled with the best Mutton Lamb I have had in years.

Monday Morning Baby Girl was Keen, and so was I. We shot out of Longreach and into the sunrise, back the way we came into Alpha After Dodging many Darn hawks. Leaving Alpha I was awake and we came across the Drummond Range, Full of on and off camber corners, Twisty and hilly with awesome Roads, Baby Girl Thundered From her beating Heart, "BRING IT ON", the Wild life scattered as the V twin Cackled, We were in Heaven, Dragging the Pegs threw every corner, Baby Girl Screaming with Excitement, only to get annoyed at me for pulling up at halfway to take a pic from the look out, A few grey nomads were there, one commented, "We could here you coming for the last 30 minutes"!!!, I snickered as I could here Baby Girl laughing in the background, and begging for more, I couldn't wait no longer, and we shot out of there at break neck speed and revelled in the thrill of the range, unfortunately, it had to come to an end, the Fun was over.

I then approached Blue Gem, turning off short of Emerald into the Gem Fields for lunch and site seeing, I cut threw here to bypass emerald, Shantys all the way, unfenced roads lined with cattle and Trucks taking up the narrow roads, and I came out at Capella and into Clermont to refuel and to once again stop into the Museum, again it was closed Angry So I toddled along heading thicker and thicker into the mines, The Awesome was over as the roads grew worse, the traffic thickened, I arrived in Moranbah about 4 pm, found a shady tree and camped out to feed the mozzies for a few hours until a mate finished work. Crashing there I shot off in the morning, only to pick up more dirty Fuel, stopping at Neebo to drain the filter. The Peak downs Highway is Dangerous, Baby Girl Bucked like a wild bull from the rough roads, while I tried to guide her around the Trucks, pot holes and Tunnel Visioned drivers, We came close to our end many times, before finally turning off to Eton and back to the Bruce highway. Two klm's out of Bloomsbury, trouble was ahead. A young female driver with phone in one hand while holding the wheel, the other putting on her make up. I dropped it back to get around and away from this driver that was swerving like a drunk, She came over the centre line as I started to come up beside her, and she hit a massive pot hole, blowing her right front tire and pulling her closer to me, I pulled on the Throttle hard and hung onto the shoulder of the road, getting clear of her out of control car, Adrenaline pumping I turned back to kill her, as I was storming up to rip the crying girl from her car, the police arrived ( were on a fund raising trip!!!), Her phone still half way threw a txt message, lipstick snapped off and all over the windscreen, She was shaken, and fine, the cops Booked her and gave me an order to move on, as I wanted her scalp. Her actions nearly cost baby Girl and I our lives.

45 mins later, I turned onto Shute harbour road, and Eventually into my home, Glad to be home, but wish the Adventure could go on. The People out past the Mines are Fantastic, True Aussie's, the Towns and Pubs are full of Character, the Scenery is grouse. Once you get into from the Mining towns, here, prices are up, people are snobby, the towns lack Character, and are dirty. Worst part is that the mines are moving in to these great little towns, 90% of the area has been drilled, plans are being put in place, The True Aussie people and towns will soon be a thing of the past and over ruled by greed, Make the Trip now while you can, you be glad you did.

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and this herd of ner'dowells give me the shizt fer butcherin the queens langwich. Kant hold a stik to no aussie tawk. btw, good ridden if not the writtin part.

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Ponch just wait until we start talking strine or our type of slang. Now that is an education. Great read and pics Tappet old son. Gotta love it when the boss says hump yer bluey for a week, and I must admit there are some real characters in the bush. As for the moppett in the cage with the phone, I thought you were quite restrained. I had a yummy mummy try the same in Wodonga last year. Her nice shiney fourby had a thumping great boot mark up the drivers side and the one fingered salute was my good bye wave.

Cheers and Beers.

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