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My tips are not really about shedding weight, but about technique. You might already know these, but they are the absolute top two things that helps me when doing low-speed manouvers on the beast, especially when having a passenger:

1. Squeeze the tank with your thighs in corners, the harder the better. This connects your personal balance with the bike's balance, making it much easier to handle in slow (or fast), tight turns. If you are carrying a passenger, make sure he/she does the same thing with his/her knees around your waist or thighs. This way you, your bike and your passenger are all connected through your body's sense of balance. You may need to remind your passenger every now and then, I somtimes just tap my passengers' knee lightly when getting near a sharp turn, roundabout, parking lot or speed bump, they know what the signal means. This squeezing will also give you a big improvements when braking hard, pushing your momentum with the bike instead of just using your arms to prevent your body from travelling faster than your bike on top of it. It allows you to better focus on steering the bike if needed when doing emergency braking, and to prevent your passenger from slamming into your back.

2. Keep your head up. Look at where you want to go with your eyes on the same level as the horizon, not at the ground just in front of you. It's amazing how much better the balance gets when doing this and how much easier curve taking becomes, regardless of speed. The body does a fantastic job of balancing you with the bike (if you follow #1 above) when you just feel it and focus on where you want to go instead of looking at the closest few feet ahead. You can compare this with when you're bowling; if you just look at the ball and the first few feet of the lane, your odds of hitting a strike are significantly lower than if you look at the pins you want to hit. Sure, you still have to pay some attention to how you hold the ball and turn your wrist, but you don't need to keep your eyes on the ball to do that. You look at where you want it to go.

Other than that, don't pack too high, like using those sissy bar bags that not only acts like a sail picking up side winds easier, but offsets the balance as the whole things act as a giant lever. Keep your center of gravity as low as you can.

I hope anyone learns or gets a useful reminded from this.

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