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Originally Posted by MVA-Voyager View Post
I just recently saw a video on Revzilla about the difference between round helmets designs and oval designs. the 2 different styles are meant to accommodate the 2 basic head shapes. I never new that different manufacturers design in different ways. This has never been explained to me before, even from my dealer when I bought my first street bike in 2005, or my 4th helmet from them just late last year. I have always bought a helmet based on how it looks and feels from the test fit at the shop/store. I have always had a hotspot on the forehead after 2 hours or so with every helmet I wore. Just figured it was normal, and never complained as I had to make a gas stop a little after that time anyways, which gave me a break

After seeing this video however, I now understand that there are the 2 basic design types. My next helmet will be an oval design and I'm anxious to see the difference in long-term wearing (found out after research my previous helmets have always been a round design).
Round and oval are the two basic ones, but there's a lot of grey in between them. It's closer to five or six shapes. A lot of people can fit into at least two shapes comfortably. I wear a long oval now, but my old helmet was an intermediate oval. Actually had to take an overhead picture of my head to figure it out. A true round helmet crushes my forehead something fierce. This will give you an idea of just how many shapes and who makes which.

Motorcycle Helmet Shapes - webBikeWorld

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