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your other bikes

i would like to see the other bikes you've had, not just the one you have now. maybe a quick comment on it? from what i have learned in the few days i've been here, some of you folks have some really cool looking bikes. show them off a little?

these are my previous ones. cool in their way, but not special really. not like what some of you folks have.

99 vstar 650. bone stock. was my first street bike. a great learner bike.

99 suzuki intruder LC. just about every piece of factory chrome you could get. i learned to hate waxing and polishing. took theis bike everywhere from s.c. to ontario. a great bike for the hiway, if you aren't going to buy a true touring bike

98 suzuki intruder 800 the twin airhorns were alot of fun for me. for the people texting at a stoplight...not so much. a really flickable bike with tons of lean angle. a set of avon venoms made this bike corner like it was on rails, even with the squishy worn rear shocks. way fun to ride this bike, and comfortable with the jardine forwards.
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I don't have any pics of it ,but my first street bike was a 1984 VF1000 interceptor,,very fast bike in those days
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I don't have any pics of any of mine,not even the 2 currently in the garage,but here's a list,in order from my first to now:

68 honda cb450k,twin
78 honda cb750k
79 honda cb750f,made into a drag bike before I bought it,supposedly bored out to 900,wheelie bar,slick,hardtailed by means of solid steel bars in place of rear shocks.I never raced it, just put on a street tire and removed the wheelie bar right after I rode it home.That's right,I rode it home with a slick and a 6 foot chrome/moly wheelie bar
78 honda cb750f
8? early 80's honda v45 sabre (750 v4)
82 honda nighthawk 650
2000 harley sportster 883
83 yamaha 750 midnight maxim

the current bikes:

84 honda v65 sabre (1100 v4)
2005 vulcan 1600 classic

I'm pretty sure I remembered them all

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Year/Make/Model: 2017 vulcan 900 custom
Displacement/CC's: 900
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this is turning out to be a good idea. i'd love to see more pics, but still so far, some really great posts! keep 'em comin please!
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Just sold these two awesome bikes because the Triumph Rocket III was getting too heavy for me (after a year of riding it) and the Indian Scout was not comfortable (after 9 months of riding it) Plus the Indian ran hot as hell and only had a 3.2 gallon tank. Can't believe I settled on rebuilding a 1996 800 Classic and I like it better! It's now my main ride. Just something about a nicely tuned carbureted bike with its yellow, single headlight lighting up a dark country road. The Triumph Commander I just test rode. Holy Cow Batman, what a sweet ride!
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1996 Vulcan 800, Blue/Green
JUST SOLD: 2016 Indian Scout, Black
SOLD LAST YEAR: 2006 Triumph Rocket III, Black
SOLD LAST YEAR: 1967 Honda 305 Dream, Black

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Texas Grape. I hear ya. My 64 year old Knees can't hold up a heavy bike anymore. I am converting my 98 Goldwing to a Trike (has turned into a 2 year project) and not wanting to be without a 2 wheeler I bought a used Vstar 650. Really love the comfort and looks of the Yamaha but not the power. Bought a 2015 Vulcan S this winter. Power and weight perfect for me. I am planning on keeping the Vstar and doing some mods to it to turn it into a budget Bobber after the trike project is done. Fun stuff to do as a retiree to keep me active and off the couch!

2015 Vulcan S ABS
2017 Moto Guzzi Bobber
1998 Gold wing Trike (Project)
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My first bike was a 1982 Honda GL500 Silverwing, full dress. I thought I originally wanted a touring bike, and the price on it was right, but then I quickly discovered that I was more of a cruiser guy. So, after my bike accident, I decided to strip it down to a cruiser. I found a guy who had the standard GL500, and wanted a full dress, so we swapped parts. He got the better of the deal, so he helped me with a lot of the work to make up for it. I've attach a before and after of that bike. My second bike was a 2009 Yamaha TW200, which I purchased for fun. I ride one in my Motorcycle Safety Course, and when I got a good deal on a brand new one, I purchased it. Did quite a few upgrades to it, but ended up selling it as I needed money for a used car (long story). My last bike was my 1996 Yamaha Virago 1100. I really, really loved that bike and had it for 7 years, but I am 6'2", and even with forward controls and a mustang seat, the older I get, the more things would hurt even after a 30-minute ride. So, I sold it to help fund my Vulcan.

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My wife's 02 XV650 Drag star and my 06 XV1900 Roadliner
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Never start a vast project with a half vast idea.
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I started off with a Yamaha vision 550. It was given to me from A co-worker at the time. He had two bikes, and his wife said "get rid of one of your bikes, or I'm getting rid if you". So, with that, I proudly owned a Yamaha Vision 550! That started me off on my love for motorcycles.

Next up, I had sold the Yamaha Vision for $600. I was in the process of finding something else. One day, while browsing cycle trader, I saw a picture of a neat looking bike. No information about It, but looked nice and was cheap. I called the guy, and he had no information on the bike. He was a landlord and took in in payment for rent from one of his tenants. I took a friend with me to look it over. He was a motorcyle instructor and had been riding since he was 3 years old in motocross. He was my go to for motorcycle advice. $2000 later, and I owned a Yamaha Maxim X 750. This was a VERY FAST bike. With 5 valves per cylinder, this took the ZF 750 motor and mounted it transversley into this standard. 90 HP! Tons of fun. Really comfortable. I loved riding, every chance I could! This was truly a great all around bike and would eat sport bikes for breakfast! It had a blistering fast 1/4 mile time, and mine had some nice performance upgrades.

After some time, I was moving and had no room for a bike. I sold the Maxim X on eBay for twice what I paid. Good deal to me, but I was "motorcycle-less" for a while.

Eventually I would meet my future wife. She knew of my love for motorcycles. After some time, I was really itching for a bike. It had been a few years, however, since I rode.

One day, while reading some online classifieds, I saw an ad for a moving sale. "Moving to Australia, everything must go!". And at the bottom of the ad, a small line that said "also have motorcycle for sale". I answer. I called again and no answer. So, because it was about 5 minutes away, I hooked up a utility trailer I had and drove over. It was the Nigthawk 650.

It was in really great condition! After some quick negotiating, he signed the ownership and I loaded it up - for I think $1500.

I road that bike for a few years...and I liked it. It had a digital gas gauge, 6 speed, gear indicator, front fairing, stage 2 jet kit, and some other stuff. It was fun to ride, but just too small of a bike for me.

Eventually, I decided would get something else. I went to the motorcycle show here in Toronto. I laid my eyes on a beautiful Vulcan 900 custom. It was awesome looking! After a few more years, I really started to get the itch. One day, while looking online, I found one. A red 2008 Vulcan 900 custom. The price seened really low since it was in winter 2008 that I saw it. I called the dealership and asked if it was available. It was, so I drove an hour and a half to go see it. Without a test ride, I bought it! $5900. That was in 2008 and for a 2008 model that I later learned had over $2500 in upgrades. The story was that an older gentleman bought it for touring. It had I think 4000kms on it. He had nice saddlebags, cobra speedster long pipes, a Vance and heins fuelpak, and some other nice stuff. He wanted something more capable for long distances, and traded it in. The dealer wasnt sure (it was a suzuki dealer) what the value was - there were not any others in the area for sale. So, I bought it and picked it up in the spring of 2009!

Over that same winter, I sold the nighthawk for $1900. I now had the Custom 900, and no need keeping two bikes!

Over the next 8 or 9 years, I did a lot more to that 900. The fuel gauge fix, intake, hardwire GPS, a few different seats, and more. I loved it! I took it on a lot of long distance tours. And that was the primary reason I started looking to "upgrade". I just wanted a bigger bike for the long tours.

I had a long running joke with my wife that for my 40th birthday, I was upgrading my bike. We joked about it for years. I was constantly scouring kijiji and knew I liked the Vaquero; I had seen it a few years in a row at the motorcycle show. I found a few I liked, but there was no "need" to upgrade, only a desire. But then saw the candy lime green one. Being a US only color, this was very rare here in Canada.

I went to see it. Lots of cool mods, perfect shape, and I really liked the idea of the trunk - more space for stuff when I go on longer tours! Long story short, I bought it. Rode it home a few days later, and eventually sold the custom 900. I sold it for $4900...not bad for 9 years use - I had only paid $5900 to begin with (plus taxes of course).

There are days when I miss the 900. But the Vaquero is simply awesome.

Some of the upgrades (some by the previous owner and some by me):

- Custom painted and mounted Harley tourpak
- klockwerks 12" windshield
- Polk audio speaker upgrade and amplifier
- corbin seat
- Power Commander V
- intake
- Vance and hiens pipes
- Full dyno tune
- saddlebag liners
- underglow lighting
- usb chargers
- 12v charger
- Ipod adapter
- grips
- mirrors
- backrest
- lots of chrome has been black powder coated
- black wrapped front fender

Lots more I am sure I am forgetting.

Thanks. Sorry for the long read! I love talking bikes!

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Name:	20180609_102136_1556195697835.jpg
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2013 Vulcan Vaquero SE
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Thanks Matt for walking thru this history. It was an interesting read!
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