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that free fall feeling when clutch is pressed.

Some background:
before meanstreak 1600cc I use to ride bolt 950cc.

The problem:
When I ride meanstreak and want to slow down. I do it in 2 ways.
1-I close the throttle and with torque slows the bike down. Then I shift the gear down and do the same again.
When I do that I feel like I stay in control of the bike.

2-But when I have stop in a hurry or some thing and press the clutch... bike feels like a one ton heavy free falling stone... feels like some big friction less object moving very fast.. Till I slowly start engaging the breaks.
Don't get me wrong breaks specially front ones are crazy strong. So It stops on a point.

(please comment on this.)

A question:
Do all big motorcycle feel like this? Suppose I got an other 1600/1700 cc bike, I would feel the same when I engage the clutch a little ?
I did not have this feeling on yamaha bolt..

Is this because of the weight of the mean streak ?

Thank you.

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You're feeling the difference between engine braking and coasting. Of course a BFB like a 1600, weighing more, will have greater inertia and tend to stay rolling longer when the clutch is disengaged.

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I'm certainly no expert (on anything really) but I agree with coinneach.I'd say since the Kaw is probly about 150-200 lbs heavier than the Bolt,it's just the additional momentum you're feeling.

Perhaps I should add that I have an old Honda that I've still ridden a few times since getting the Vulcan,which is about 200 lbs lighter than the Vulcan.Just put a new clutch on it right before getting the Vulcan too,after riding with it slipping really bad for several years,and it's definitely a totally different feeling riding it

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I got my meanstreak in October. Breaking and clutch work as expected. But I do it different. I don't use engine break much. I just open the clutch and break. I think, you get the strange feeling because you are using the clutch to control engine breaking. Of course weight matters. My largest bike has 370kg, no problem as long it moves straight, but in corners and breaking the mass shows up. My recommendation is simple: Ride a lot and get used to it. Maybe you need to learn a new breaking technique....
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when slowing down, always keep the engine transmission engaged with the rear wheel, even when braking, like gearing down keeps the specific gear and rear wheel engaged
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I did some thinking and some research.
When I am up shifting I am also freeing engine from the tires, But I don't get that free fall feeling.

When I am slowing down I use motor's torque against all the beikes momentum. So torque is too strong and when I press clutch whole momentum which was working against the torque now goes free all of a sudden hence free fall.

Bolt has 52 some thing torque and 50 kg less weight so I did not feel it that much.
MeanStreak has 93 torque so I have that going into free fall felling.

I think If I was to ride yamah stryker which is as heavy as mean streak but has 70 some thing torque, I would have lot less free fall feeling. Of course in that case I would be able to rely less on engine torque to slow bike down and have to use break more early in slowing down process.

But none the less, now I start engaging breaks when I want to slowdown and I started feeling more in control.

Thank you all for your replies.
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