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This is for all you new southern bikers

Iím a fairly new rider myself and I love exploring this beautiful country we live in.

Last year in late July I made my final little over the road excursion for the summer. Iíd read all about the dangers of heat exhaustion in dry climates and figured, hey, I know all about heat. It canít be any worse than what weíre used to around here in Florida. Iíll just drink plenty of water at each gas stop and Iíll be fine. Besides, Iím tough, I've worked outside in this southern heat all my life.


That little 800 mile run on I-70 from St Louis to Denver sure cured my thinking. The faster I rode, the hotter it got for both the bike and me. It isn't supposed to work that way, at least not where Iím from. It was only 100 deg out late that afternoon in Kansas and Iíd been in heat like that before, or so I thought. I just couldn't believe how hot the air was coming off the little engine, even at speed, and my knee joints were aching so bad I resorted to hanging my ankles over the highway pegs.

With still a few hours of daylight left and plans of making it well into Colorado, I stopped at a small Kansas country store for gas and a couple bottles of needed water. Inside was a little middle aged lady working the counter, and when she spotted me, she got a little excited. Apparently she had seen her share of near gone halfwits like me motorcycling through there many times before. She said, ďHoney, donít you go anywhere, wait right here and Iíll be right back.Ē She returned from the back room with what looked like a 2 gal plastic freezer bag and commenced filling it with drink machine ice. She asked if I had an undershirt on under my long sleeve shirt, which I did, and she actually unbuttoned my shirt, stuffed the bag under there and said ďHoney, I know you ainít from around here and I want you to know that I probably just saved your life! Now that ice will cool your innards but it wonít last long, so you stop and fill it again when it melts.Ē I motored only another 50 miles or so and stopped at a motel in Russell, Ks. Determined to beat that awful heat, I hit the road again about 3:00 AM the next morning.

Never will I challenge dry heat like that again without being prepared. There is a big difference in plowing through dry air versus humid air. A very big difference. You donít get cooler by riding faster in dry heat, I think you get hotter.

So read up on high heat riding and donít ignore good advice like I did. Heat stroke is serious business. Iím sure there are many here who will gladly share many good tips.
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Good read.
I remember of a chart ,that had a guide that what the outside temp is and what it feels like on a bike. Seemed like after 90 degrees it actually got hotter on the bike. I'll look for it and post if I can find it.

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Evaporative cooling vests are the bee's knees in dry climates. It is like having an AC under your mesh jacket!
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Wow, I appreciate you posting your story. I'm a new rider in southern California, so that is good information to have.
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Yeah, man. I've spent most of my life in KS and the dry heat is nothing to sneeze at. It just tears the energy out of you.
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Kind of off the subject but the 1500 FI I ride has a habit of the fan coming on often in hot weather so longing for a long term solution to make it run cooler.
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I've ridden across mountains, deserts, plains, in heat (120+ in the Mojave), cold (12į), dry and humidity including some seriously nasty storms.

When I rode thru Kansas it topped 110į. Hot, dry, dusty, (did I say hot?) and boring. But the worst part was the friggin' wind! The folks I was riding with were 2-up on a Harley. They were leaning into the wind at about 25į to 30į a lot of the time. They said I (on a Honda Sabre pulling a trailer) was leaning at almost 45į at times! I had a hydration backpack and a cooling vest, so the heat was tolerable, but combined with the wind and dust, it was the worst day of riding I have ever done. Period. I will NEVER ride thru Kansas again no matter how far out of the way I have to go.
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What you said LOL, I moved to NW TN. From Oklahoma, Kansas is a mild climate compared to sw Oklahoma 105 to 115 wind 15 to 35 on a daily basis might rain once a year and that temp is in the shade riding a bike down the highway maybe 130 degrees.
Dear Diary,

Just moved to Oklahoma! Now this is a state that knows how to live!!
Beautiful sunny days and warm balmy evenings. It is beautiful. I've
Finally found my home. I love it here.

June 14th:

Really heating up. Got to 100 today. Not a problem. Live in an
Air-conditioned home, drive an air-conditioned car. What a pleasure to
See the sun everyday like this. I'm turning into a sun worshipper.

June 30th:

Had the backyard landscaped with western plants today. Lots of cactus
and rocks. What a breeze to maintain. No more mowing the lawn for me.
Another scorcher today, but I love it here.

July 10th:

The temperature hasn't been below 100 all week. How do people get used
to this kind of heat? At least, it's kind of windy though. But getting
used to the heat is taking longer than I expected.

July 15th:

Fell asleep by the community pool. Got 3rd degree burns over 60% of my
body. Missed 3 days of work. What a dumb thing to do. I learned my
lesson though. Got to respect the ol' sun in a climate like this.

July 20th:

I missed Lomita (my cat) sneaking into the car when I left this morning.
By the time I got to the hot car at noon, Lomita had died and swollen up
to the size of a shopping bag, then popped like a water balloon. The
car now smells like Kibbles and Shits. I learned my lesson though. No
more pets in this heat. Good ol' Mr. Sun strikes again.

July 25th:

The wind sucks. It feels like a giant freaking blow dryer!! And it's
hot as hell. The home air-conditioner is on the Fritz and the AC
repairman charged $200 just to drive by and tell me he needed to order

July 30th:

Been sleeping outside on the patio for 3 nights now, $225,000 house and
I can't even go inside. Lomita is the lucky one. Why did I ever come

Aug. 4th:

It's 115 degrees. Finally got the air-conditioner fixed today. It cost
$500 and gets the temperature down to 85. I hate this stupid state.

Aug. 8th:

If another wise a** cracks, 'Hot enough for you today?' I'm going to
Strangle him. Damn heat. By the time I get to work, the radiator is
Boiling over, my clothes are soaking wet, and I smell like baked cat!!

Aug. 9th:

Tried to run some errands after work. Wore shorts, and when I sat on
The seats in the car, I thought my a** was on fire. My skin melted to
The seat. I lost 2 layers of
Flesh and all the hair on the back of my legs and a** . . . Now my car
Smells like burnt hair, fried ass, and baked cat.

Aug 10th:

The weather report might as well be a damn recording. Hot and sunny.
Hot and sunny. Hot and sunny. It's been too hot to do shit for 2 damn
Months and the weatherman says it might really warm up next week.
Doesn't it ever rain in this damn state? Water rationing will be next,
So my $1700 worth of cactus will just dry up and blow over. Even the
Cactus can't live in this damn heat.

Aug. 14th:

Welcome to HELL! Temperature got to 115 today. Cactus are dead.
Forgot to crack the window and blew the damn windshield out of the car.
The installer came to fix it and guess what he asked me??? "Hot enough
For you today?" My sister had to spend $1,500 to bail me out of jail.
Freaking Oklahoma. What kind of a sick demented idiot would want to
Live here?? Will write later to let you know how the trial goes.
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Your a lucky man. I always have to pay extra to have a women ice me down. Middle aged or not.
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I've found the best solution for heat, in any climate, is a long-sleeve mesh jacket (plenty of airflow but not so much that it prevents sweat from staying long enough to be effective; and protects from the sun) and a "frogg togg" rag, soaked in cold water at each stop, around the neck. Cool and comfortable, and of course (as you already knew) STAY HYDRATED.

The cooling vests are cool too but I haven't found them to work as well in this humid climate; but the neck-rag does seem to.

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