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Great thread, however I wonder if the wix oil filter number is really 81358, the wix site is giving me 51358 who's right who's wrong ;-))
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Freedom Performance Sharp Curve Radius Exhaust
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Bridgestone Exedra max 180/70 15 rear tire (looks awesome)
Bridgestion Exedra max 90/90 21 front tire, in this case the clearence between tire and inner fender support is so small, sometimes when you brake so hard the deformation on the tire makes this one rubs with the fender in the center, same happens when you ride over gravel or debris.

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Does anyone know what driver backrests fit the 900 Classic LT? There's a ton for the 1700, but the only one I found was on meancycles.com. Do the 1700 one's fit?
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Dowco Guardian Weather-All Large

This cover fits my vulcan 900 with windshield and saddlebags very well (just like website claims)! I couldn't be more pleased with the fit.
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I just put these handlebars on my bike.

100% fits the 900

Handlebars that do not require cable change:

1 Khrome Werks 1 Inch Chrome 10 Inch Rise Apes Handlebars - Drilled (8.13 Inch Rise) 900 Classic

Chrome Covers, etc:

1 2000 Classic LT Rear passenger floorboards
2 Big Bike Brake Reservoir Cover for VN900 BI71314
3 Big Bike chrome front caliper cover 71132
4 Big Bike chrome lower side covers 71312
5 Big Bike chrome rear axle caps 71131
6 Big Bike chrome rear caliper cover 81107
7 Big Bike chrome side covers 71311
8 Cobra Floorboards Product # BLV6-3968
9 Cobra Hub Cover # 05-5468
10 Emgo chrome license plate frame
11 Goodridge platinum series brake lines 2270-1fch and 2270-1rch
12 Goodridge stainless brake lines 2870-1fch and 2870-1rch
13 Highway Hawk turn signal covers
14 Kuryakyn Brake pedal cover 8857
15 Kuryakyn floorboard covers 7022 (*shift issues when used with Kuryakyn heel shifter, needs mod)
16 Kuryakyn heel shift cover 4029 (*shift issues when used with Kuryakyn floorboards, needs mod)
17 Kuryakyn Iso Flame Grips (6261)
18 Kuryakyn Iso grips 6235 (with new throttle sleeve)
19 Kuryakyn ISO universal grips 6240 (as per 6235 but uses existing throttle sleeve)
20 Kuryakyn Peg adapters 8831
21 Kuryakyn shift peg cover 8851
22 Kuryakyn Passenger floor boards
23 Kuyakyn front axle caps 1203
Kuryakyn Lighted Vertical Side Mount License Plate Holder #9005
Kuryakyn Vertical Plate Side Mount Plate Adapater - #3182
24 Magnum Sterling Chromite II clutch cable 86202K
25 Magnum Sterling Chromite II idle cable 86402K
26 Magnum Sterling Chromite II throttle cable 86302K
27 Mapam radiator cover
28 Mean streak Rear master cylinder cover(chrome)
29 Russel Stainless Steel brake lines
30 ScootWorks "LORIDER" Adjustable Suspension (Vulcan 900 Custom)
31 ScootWorks standard Phat Risers
32 Sherm's Easy Risers
33 Street Boutique Customs AirTribe Adjustable Suspension VN900AT
34 Tank bib for the VTX1800
35 Hopnel Signature Tuxedo Tie. Part # K70-301BK
36 Xoprodox 1" Spike Grips Rubber Ribbed GRPCRMRRIB
37 Alren Ness Rad II Micro Teardrop Mirrors #: F-50057 (U don't need to, but I used the nuts of the stock mirrors) =)
38 Highway Hawk Universal chrome fork protectors 58-61mm # 41-701006
37 Thunder Mfg Coil Cover 99096-SH.
38 Big Bike Parts 4" Risers but you must use their 12mm to 10mm converter bolt #B7101255PZ8.

Lighting & horns:

1 Big Bike Contour Light Bar BI71316 + Turn Signal Adapters BI16111T (Accommodates the Memphis Shades line of windshields)
2 Clear Alternatives Integrated taillight CLA-0054-IT
3 Clear Alternatives Clear turn signal kit - CACTS0019F
4 Clear Alternatives Integrated taillight CLA-0054-IT
5 Cobra headlight visor 05-2008
6 Cobra lightbar
7 Custom World lightbar (CU02024)
8 Fiamm AM-80, 125dB horn
9 H4 135/125W SuperPlasma GT-X Anti-Vibration PIAA MC Headlight Bulb
10 Mean streak Rear tail light
11 Mean Streak rear turn signals (1.5" shorter than stock 900)
12 SDC BackOff XP Brake Light Module
13 SignalMinder Automatic Turn Signal Canceller and Controller - SM-3 - Plug-in
14 Stebel Nautilus Compact Motorcycle Air Horn - Black
15 Sylvania Silverstar bulb P/N 9003
16 TailBlazer Brake Light Flasher 20W-D - Plug-In
17 97099-1VGA BAD BOY CHROME DUAL AIR HORN from Harbor Freight Tools
18 Sylvania run/brake light 2357LL (Long Life brake light 25% brighter than stock)
19 Wagner BP1210 80/100-H4 watt lamp (found at NAPA)
20 Comagination sS115H4 headlight modulator
21 Comagination IBF4 brakelight flasher
22 Kuryakyn Plug-n-Play Run-Turn-Brake Controller #4615.

Luggage/brackets/racks/sissy bars:

1 MC Enterprises Engine Guard - M100049
2 Cobra Engine guards - TU080823
3 Cobra FreewayBar (#01-1468 )
4 Cobra Short 14" Sissy Bar (02-596
5 Custom World Backrest Plate (05-259)
6 Custom World Luggage Rack (05-262)
7 Custom World mini Sissy Bar and Pad (05-251)
8 Custom World mounting hardware (02-2652)
9 Easy Brackets (VC900-R1)
10 Easy Brackets (VC900-R1BR) for use with standard Backrest/Sissybar
11 K-Drive Saddlebags
12 Leatherlyke Cross Country saddlebags (T429-studs, S429-without studs) CLASSIC
13 Leatherlyke Cross Country saddlebags (T430-studs, S430-without studs) CUSTOM
14 Mapam Restyling Luggage Rack - Vulcan 900 (M3003GL)
15 Mapam Restyling Sissy Bar and Pad - Vulcan 900 (KM3001GLCVN9)
16 MC Enterprises TU598831 Engine Guard
17 Saddlemen Express Drifter Slant Saddlebags (extra jumbo)
18 Saddlemen Express Drifter Slant Saddlebags (jumbo)
19 Saddlemen Express Drifter Slant Saddlebags (Large)
20 Tsukayu bags
21 VStar 1100 brackets and Saddlebags
22 V2K Passenger backrest with grab handles
23 Jardine Universal Touring with Swivel Pad # 32-0003-01
24 Jardine Quick Detach Bracket Kit # 34-3009-01
25 Big Bike Sissy Bar Backrest Set w/pad #71-319
26 Big Bike Bar Rack #55-322
27 Kawasaki Engine Guard K32000-044
28 LT sissy bar fits Custom
29 MC Enterprises Sissy Bar w/Non Studded Pad - 06 and newer VN900
Classic/Custom MC-291-49
30 MC Enterprises Sissy Bar w/Studded Pad - 06 and newer VN900 Classic/Custom
31 MC Enterprises Luggage Rack for Vulcan 900 '06-up for MC Enterprises Brand
Sissy Bars Only MC-150-49
32 MC Enterprises Saddlebag Supports for Vulcan 900 '06-up
33 National Cycle Paladin Quickset 3 mounting hardware (P9BR106), backrest (P9800A) and luggage rack (P9900). Note: can be used with Easy Brackets quick release saddle bag brackets, but you need the non-backrest version (VC900-R1) and the posts will stick out about 1.5"

Oil Filter: OEM # 16097-0004

1 Bosch 3300 (one person had leaks/rubbing issues with this filter)
2 K&N 204 (fits, but not K&N recommended replacement part)
3 mobil M1 108
4 Purolator PL 14612
5 Supertech ST6607
6 WIX 81358
7 K&N KN303 (K&N recommended replacement part)
8 Hiflo HF-303 (Hiflo recommended replacement part)
9 Ryco Z436
10 Mazda B6Y1-14-302 (MX-5, 1.8L AUS versions, all years)
11 AmPro Cup Type Oil Filter Wrench 65mm 14 Flute (Do yourself a massive favor and get one of these, especially for the first change when the factory filter is torqued on. Works with standard 3/8" drive rachet.)


1 Baron's Big Air Kit
2 Cobra fi2000r fuel processor
3 Dobeck TFI - FI-1025
4 Kurakyn Wild Think (TFI) computer
5 Kuryakyn Pro-Series Hypercharger Type-A (KA-609421) w/ Thunder adapter (#40205A)
6 Power Commander III
7 Thunder Odyssey air kit
8 Thunder Tornado - 20205B adapter - 36000B intake
9 Vance and Hines Fuel Pak


0 Yamaha 4fm-14613-00 Crush Gaskgets
1 Cobra Dragsters
2 Cobra Power Pro HP 2-into-1 pipes
3 Cobra Speedster Longs
4 Hard Krome Big Straights
5 Hard Krome Res-Tecs
6 Hard Krome Side Burners
7 Roadhouse Classic 2 into 1 - 56-115
8 Vance and Hines Slash-Cut Staggereds
9 Cobra Speedster Slashdowns


1 Corbin saddle
2 Mustang Day Tripper saddle
3 Mustang Vintage
4 Mustang One Piece Vintage Touring Seat w/Driver Backrest For VN900
5 Saddlemen Explorer
6 Saddlemen King
7 Saddlemen Profiler
8 Saddlemen Solo Seat
9 Granucci Solo seat (203S)


1 800 Classic Memphis fats lowers +h/w
2 Memphis Fats 17" (MEM3620)(9" cutout)
3 Memphis lowers (MEM5810),
Mounting h/w for VN900 classic (2321-003 JP cycles PN ZZ77490
4 Memphis Mounting Kit (VN900 Custom) MEM9959 New #2321-0085
5 Memphis Pop Top (VN900 Custom) (9" cutout)
6 Memphis Shield Fats/Slim Mounting Kit (2321-0036)
7 Memphis Slim 17" windshield (9" cutout, 7" requires mod)
8 National Cycle Street EX windshield
9 Slipstreamer Windshield (ss-30-17") or ss-30-20", Tapered fork brackets
10 Memphis Classic Deuce (7" (headlight), 9" (cutout)...referred both ways)
11 Memphis mounting kit for Shooter, Hellcat, Demon, Classic Deuce #9902
12 Memphis Big Shot Shield (MEP5729) w/ Mounting kit 2321-0037 on 900 Classic.


1 Metzeler 880 Marathon tires:
Custom - 90/90-21 front, 200/70-15 rear (slows speedo by 11% when new, most read 10% fast with new OEM tires)
2 Pirelli MT66 tires (170/80/15H rear, 130/90/16H front)
3 Dunlop D404
Custom - 80/900-21 front (stock OEM) - 180/70-15 rear (stock OEM), 170/80-15 rear
Classic/LT - 130/90-16 front (stock OEM) - 180/70-15 rear (stock OEM)
4 IRC GS-23
Classic/LT - 130/90-16 front, 170/80-15 rear (cuts speedo error in half, both tires are slightly wider than OEM)
5 Avon
Custom - 200/70-15 rear 'just' touches lower belt guard - may need to remove or fit spacer washers. Note: this tyre is recommended for 5.5" rim, OEM rim is 4.5".
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Originally Posted by Homer1959 View Post
Great thread, however I wonder if the wix oil filter number is really 81358, the wix site is giving me 51358 who's right who's wrong ;-))
Either way is right, if you go to NAPA you can ask for a 1358, NAPA and Wix share the last four numbers as Wix. Wix makes NAPA's filters.

2008 Vulcan Custom
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Thumbs up 100% Fits 900Vulcan

I am not on this site only a few times a month, but need to tell you, Thank You so much, for listing all this stuff, as well as the part numbers. I know it took time, and you have no idea how much you helped me. Thank you for the time spent posting all of them..Jade
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Talking Great info

This is some great info. Especially for us newbies!
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Under perfomance I found the arlen ness cheap shot # 18-630 to be compatible with the 900's.
Great thread.

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08' CLASSIC 900
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