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Originally Posted by Romans5.8 View Post
It's a shame. Not my favorite brand but, they were cool to see on the road.

"Failed Attempt" might be a bit harsh to describe a brand that was set to have it's 20th anniversary this year. Their machines won a number of awards, they have a trophy case full of "Cruiser of the Year" and "Bike of the Year" and similar titles from various magazines and; up until the last couple of years, they were a serious threat to Milwaukee, some quarters selling more than the century-old stalwart. I wonder if Indian, huge improvements to the H-D line, and the recent prevalence in premium Japanese touring motorcycles, saw to their demise. Victory represented some pretty cool technological improvements, but then failed to; to my eyes, update or change anything in recent years.
Oh, it's totally harsh. True, but harsh. They failed to produce a profitable motorcycle, they failed to capture much of the American V-Twin market, they failed to do survive. And if you look at the Victory forums, they've shot themselves in the foot when it comes to brand loyalty. But I have no doubt that Polaris is going to concentrate on their copy of the Indian to try to compete now.

It sucks that people are losing jobs, though.

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