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I bought a 900 with 2007 with like 18000 miles on it, drove it for another 15k and sold it, it was running perfect when I sold, I think the stator had been replaced before I got it, didn't really even read up on the need to adjust the valves, before I sold it, but kind of glad I did since I'm not sure if anybody adjusted the valves at 15,000 like they're supposed to be and I know that I did not adjust them. Just bought a 2008 Vulcan switching back out of a Goldwing, because I love this bike so much, for a number of reasons over the Goldwing, less turbulence, smoother ride, tons less Heat ,15 more miles to the gallon!! Anyway I adjusted the valves at 18000 they were a little off but not much. I would think as long as you do your valve adjustments, and normal other stuff, radiator fluid on time, oil, brake fluid , you're going to have little worries! I think I'll always keep one of these in my garage even if I do go back to some sort of touring, it will not be an old Goldwing though! The only thing I miss about the Goldwing was the seat! 5 to6 our rides were nothing, my butt could only take about 40 minutes on the stock Vulcan, just did the mean City Cycles upgrade, seems to add about another 30 minutes before butt burn , wish I could afford the day-long Russell!

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