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Wild Bill
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2011 custom (new old stock Purchased Jan 2014). Drive pulley nut came lose around 12k miles?? Started to make a noise when coasting with throttle off. This resulted in some wear to the drive pulley and output spline shaft. After extensive research i have concluded this is not a frequent problem but not all that rare either.

I believe root of the problem is that Kawasaki does not use anti fretting compound on assembly (Seafair recommends anti fretting compound. Proper repair requires engine removal cases split and pulley and output shaft replacement $3000 repair.

I recommend owners check the drive pulley for tightness every 5,000 miles. This requires removing the drive belt from the drive pulley. There should be ZERO slop between the drive pulley and output shaft.

Assuming everything is tight, IN MY OPINION the pulley should be removed anti fretting compound applied a new retaining washer and locktite applied to the locking nut threads, also run the belt with 7-8mm play more in line with other makes for belt drive tension.

If there is any play/slop in the drive pulley it must be addressed. Simply tightening the pulley nut without addressing the slop is NOT a repair as this will be very temporary fix.

I have a temporary repair using locktite 660, a metal paste hardening filler used for filling slop voids in spline shafts and keyways. Not sure how long this will last around 1500 miles on the repair so far will keep my fingers crossed.


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