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Originally Posted by supaginge View Post
ok i have downloaded the user manual, but what about not keeping the rpm constant?
the manual shows maximum recommended engine speed in the Break-In section. have you found the table?

the goal is NOT to keep the RPMs as low as possible, but vary it in a given range... so for the first 500miles, it is recommended to up shift in 2nd gear @20mph, 3rd gear @30mph, 4th @40mph... that gives a RPM range of 1000- 3600 (idle to 20mph in 1st gear for example). once you get moving the actual RPM range is more like 2000-3600. between 500-1000 miles the RPM can go about another 1000 higher.

if you have some experience riding you will find the 900 shifts quite nicely... that being said, one can go up and down thru the gears in order to vary the RPMs. keep in mind that you put more stress on the engine when the RPMs are too low for the selected gear/speed than when lets say, you rev the engine a little... I would rather be in 3rd gear @50mph (~4000RPM) going up hill than be in 5th gear @30mph (~1700RPM). you get the picture.

same goes for the idle RPM. have it a little higher rather than too low. having it too low results in low oil pressure. after you start the engine it revs high for a little while. it then comes down and remains constant. it should be above 1000RPM. have the dealer set it for you, so you get a sense of what it sounds like.

hope this helps, be safe and have fun!

max torque @3700RPM
max hp @5700RPM
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